Vanessa Hajinsideng “Flaunt” cover filling Wild

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on August 26, 25-year-old former “High School Musical” actress Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens) recently boarded the “Flaunt” magazine “The Distress” cover of this issue of . Magazine pages and beautifully exclusive behind the scenes video show Vanessa various “disheveled” shape, with a wide variety of exotic props – a dirty locomotives, smoke and fire truck red field in scrap tires.
Vanessa show in shooting out a powerful “female man” gas field, lazily leaning on a huge rig tires, vacuum the upper body, wearing a white casual jacket black side, with a chic necklace, high waist denim shorts bare majority of the skin, emitting a thick wild atmosphere. She pedal a pair of white high heels shallow mouth, bring out the slender legs, shoulder-length brown hair in the sun reflecting little golden glow, as if the whole picture carved piece of art.
In another photo, after Vanessa leaning on a coffee shop billboards, lo shi wearing a black jacket, with a red knee-length under skirt package hip skirt waist and bottom are two yellow stripe emblazoned with interesting letters, design sense. She then put another piece midriff-baring, with black and white checkered pants and white high heels, sitting on a white motorcycle, tough and confident. Vanessa seems to be eager to get rid of the image of nice woman before, in a bold show off her Photo in abnormal muscular build, very attractive; wearing a red vest and a low-cut black short trousers, black Roman feet very metallic heels. She firmly pace through a row of construction vehicles, bronzed skin in the sun seem very sexy, full gas field.
In addition, during the filming Vanessa ignited two smoke bombs, releasing red smoke billowing as if the summer heat wave, passionate. On the cover of the magazine, Vanessa enjoy showing her daily yoga and Pilates fitness effect, perfect body unforgettable. She stood before the white bike motorcycle, wearing a white coat and lo shi hole jeans, sexy, seductive eyes blurred. The construction of the neat hands, wearing gold bracelets and different and unique gemstone rings, plus sparkling navel ring, to create a successful irresistible “bad girl” image.






The West pay attention to nutrition.

Admittedly, the West pay attention to nutrition and neglect cooking taste, at least they are not the primary purpose to taste and enjoy. Iced cold appetizers plus wine even ice-strewn surface of the tongue after drinking would lose much taste taste nerve sensitivity, getting to not tasting; that bloody steak with white fish, big white meat, boiled white beans, boiled potatoes Notwithstanding the “taste” rather than the “flavor”; they refuse to use MSG, believes that it is neither a nutrient chemical products have side effects; raw vegetables, including not only tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and even cabbage, onions, West orchids. Thus their “salad” like an animal feed, make it difficult to swallow. Although the Chinese people also pay attention to nutrition and health, but also know vegetable stir after heating will lose part of the vitamin, raw and avoid the loss, they still prefer the former, because of habit, but also because the taste is really much better.

Beauty standards

Beauty ask what charm, but also recognized by the people of the world? Figure looks as one of the main standards of beauty and ugliness, not because of the culture. Typically, not human shape acquired.

The so-called standard is the prototype, and in real life is very difficult to find, in order to facilitate the understanding, can imagine our daily evaluation looks charm the brain in the presence of a reference scheme, such as the screen of the heroine of the face may be similar to the prototype, they usually have a pair of Yi Yi in God’s eyes, in real life, although not much, but the face is regarded as beauty. A beautiful appearance usually we see on screen, often is the heroine as a reference to evaluate.

Beauty is a delightful pleasures.

Beauty is a delightful pleasures, like summer for the eye, ice cream. The virtue of simplicity is each according to his lights. Some people like demon, someone love Jiao; some people appreciate the phoenix eye, some people favor the willow waist. The beauty salon with a “assembly” out to is the same standard of beauty, like a brand mall sell shoes, bra, only size, no distinction between forms, neatly in the display window, there is no life at all.

Pretty girl~ this winter you also need a cloak!

A warm sweater coat, thick blue cashmere or woollen overcoat, fur imitation fur coat, or locomotive wind or sweet wind amount leather. I believe that beauty of the girls had been selective in their own wardrobe. But this winter, you still lack one! That coat cloak. This is a piece of original band model items. Basically can let you easily wear a star.
Oh well. Those lovely but feel the body plump girls must not miss it. Believe me. It will be a small drawback your perfect hiding. Give you a atmosphere.
The lattice of the stunning color plus with black collar and the officer cap, momentary winter.
Small lattice. Double-breasted. In a light colored shirt. Wide leg pants. These can let you feel a kind of casual. But you girl. According to the weather and their height to take. Because the cloak shape for. Matching panty hose or pants is the best choice. If not tall enough to wear wide leg pants will let you wear overall discount.
Solid colored coat cloak. Design of stand collar or Lapel the details will make you more mature taste. While the overall simplicity makes you look very elegant. Of course, here all-match black or gray cloak. Is tell you girl. If you have a little worry about my cloak will not be a bit exaggerated or don’t know how to mix. Then you can try these all-match color. But if you want to keep up with the trend of. You can select the very popular this year camel or army green.


To know the character, attitude, ideas and values of life!

In the social life: the most important is to know the person’s character, attitude, ideas and values of life! There are many things we need to learn from the life of every little bit.

The idea is more important than ability, planning an important than implementation, action is better than commitment important, choice is more important than hard work, perception than told important, create an important than proof, respect life than others think important!

Direction is more important than speed, wisdom is better than to endure hardship, learning opportunities than degree important, more important than the relationship between, to what to what important!

Intelligence is more important than knowledge, quality is more important than intelligence, consciousness is important quality. Direction is greater than the method, force is greater than the capacity, life than do!

Show yourself!

Show yourself! No matter be surprised or admiration. Beauty is from the inside to the outside of the radiation, with the obvious. No matter you are delicate and pretty or weak, body is full or slender, skin is white or red, or pure or noble, or ice…

Display of self image, not only for stars, everyone can through the costumes and makeup, shaping the image and style of an exclusive own. The skills and rules skilful use of the beautiful, play their own personality, show the beautiful self, dress up oneself of the enchanting charming, sexy, glamorous, charming.

South Korea’s food.

South Korea’s food basically reflects the hot and humid summer, winter cold and dry climate and around the Korean different climate and climate, and to adapt to the development of this system has many aspects, especially vegetables and seafood and soybean fermentation food is well known in the world.

The Korean diet habits.

Koreans eat chili, Home Dishes almost all pepper. Koreans have four meals a day diet, respectively in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening. Koreans eat with a spoon and chopsticks. Everyone has their own rice bowl and soup, the other all the dishes are placed in the middle of the table for everyone to enjoy. South Koreans use rice bowl is also very particular about, male, female and children use points. South Koreans attention to thrift, whether their own food or treat the poor, as far as possible the food eaten by net.

Printing style of Goddesses.

Emma Stone (Emma Stone) “Stone elder sister” at a certain brand activities, a blue printed dress appearance, blue and pink peach bottom, against the background of deep blue, let some of the more romantic atmosphere.
Miranda Kerr, how appearance is beautiful, this is the woman’s dress of black magic, deep V tape, printed above the knee skirt collocation tall waist, hip Hugger, full of temptation curve, bursting.
Kate Bosworth demonstrate how to print dress, grace and clean, green and purple petals covered in white dress on the body, maintain one’s original pure character and clean, with a pair of red band high heel, the ultimate woman elegant sporadic.