Watering your dry Five kinds of food to relieve dry in winter

After the winter solstice, in cold winter weather, also become drier climate.Many people appear dry itchy skin, dry pain, and so on and so forth.The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the winter season is a great opportunity of supplements, herbal tonic foods there are many ingredients to the skin maintain has very good effect, eat this kind of food can relieve dry skin, let skin restore good color.Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, can prevent the skin coarse, have the effect of beauty, but also can prevent corneal xerosis, night blindness??And so on.Including a large number of linseed oleic acid can purge, fill in beneficial gas.
Pumpkin peel into steamer steaming to 8 mature, cool cut into small pieces. Set aside.Wash and cut into small pieces, yam peel bubble water. Set aside.With chicken bone soup, then add a few slices of ginger boil for 30 to 40 minutes, take more rice to add into the stock of 500-600 ml simmer for 30 minutes.Finally the pumpkin, yam, and the rest of the stock, turn a small fire boil the fire for 15 to 20 minutes, add salt, pepper and chicken essence in moderation.

The corn to keep Jujube skin barley tonic

Diet to health, scientific food collocation is very important.”Grain for raising” is a physician in the past dynasties advocate healthy diet concept, grain diet is especially suitable for eating too intensification of modern health, here recommend some scientific dietary regimen.Jujube, also known as red jujube, belongs to the drug and food quality.The essence of traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can fill the lunar, Yang Ming qi, oneself have runfei dry, keep blood zi liver XiFeng, cure the effect of spleen and stomach weak, so the product is listed as a medicine.Modern pharmacological research also found that jujube contains triterpenoid saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, organic acids and other active ingredients, has anti-aging, anti-oxidation, improve immune function, protect liver, enhance physical strength, such as allergy, antitumor effect.

Nourishing liver and kidney 7 beautiful porridge, enhance immunity

The climate characteristics of the spring and has close relation with the human liver, so the spring health must pay attention to the liver.Suitable to eat the right way, to enhance physical fitness, prevention and treatment of disease, prolong life purpose, and eating regimen of porridge is one of the very good food health way, have the effect of nourishing liver and kidney.
Medlar porridge
Ingredients: medlar 30 g, japonica rice or millet 30 g.
Wash method: medlar and japonica rice, add water right amount with soft fire boil porridge to suit.Twice a day.
Efficacy: medlar invigorating the liver kidney, benefit JingXie, strong bones and muscles, hearing ear nerves, longevity, also applies to dizzy, long dark, diabetes, fatty liver, Yin deficiency type hypertension.

White-collar health secret

White-collar workers a day almost a third of the time sitting in front of a computer, so it is easy to lead to various diseases of the body.Food provides the body needed nutrients, appropriate to eat also can resist disease.What food can help white-collar computer disease resistance?Every 100 grams of strawberries contained in the 50-100 mg of vitamin C, strawberry also contains large amounts of vitamin E and polyphenols antioxidants, nutritional value is very good, is a very good vitamin against radiation.And strawberry itself can avoid the skin lipid oxidation, the effect of dry phenomenon, so often eat can prevent skin aging.

Eat more fruits of six for staying up late

Now, because of the job is busy, or recreational activities is rich, a lot of people get used to stay up late.Human adrenal cortical hormone and growth hormone secreted is when sleep at night, often stay up late will damage health.Recommended for everybody today after several suitable for stay up late to eat fruit and juice.Eat fruit after suitable for staying up late
1, apple,
Apple contains extremely rich pectin, can promote excretion, prevent hardening of the arteries.Because of staying up late or obese people are prone to endocrine disorders and constipation, skin to become poor.So apple in lots of vitamins and malic acid can decompose fat accumulated in body, which can effectively prevent body fat, increase the hemoglobin, make the skin become delicate.

Eating more vegetables can increase and sex appeal?

People often say fruit is good for health to eat more vegetables. British researchers have found that eating more fruits and vegetables and help them improve color of skin, increase the sex, let a person more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. St Andrews university led by Dr Ian Stephen colleagues on a color of skin. Researchers select 54 white, asking them to use computer software, adjust the digital images of white face yan color, let the characters in the picture look healthy and full of charm. Respondents choose increase rose, yellow, enhance transparency, make the skin ruddy luster. The researchers say, ruddy complexion from water to eat more vegetables Fruit.
17. The daily mail quoted Stephen said: “most previous studies focused on face face and skin, but the face is one of the most easy to change the characteristics of color of skin.” “We allow the investigation of change in skin color and the contrast, if they think the skin into brown make the person the most attractive, they will make the face yellow, dark,” he said, “but on the contrary, they make the face look more yellow but brighter, it with me from the color of the intake of carotenoids in fruits and vegetables more consistent.”

The temperature rising For all over the world of ice cream

Whether to travel around the world envy?Because they taste more than with chocolate and vanilla ice cream and strawberry flavors.You have eaten eel ice cream in Japan, in Florence, Italy had green tea ice cream?Let us follow the national geographic’s report, in sorching summer is coming, look at these distinctive ice cream, filar silk cool feeling.Capogiro ice cream is a traditional manual in Italian ice cream, all material for seasonal fruits, natural nuts, fresh milk, etc.In Italian art and snow ba series ice cream, one of the most popular fruit flavors including Mr DE MengZhen (nocciola Piemonte), Madagascar bourbon vanilla (Madagascar bourbon vanilla), etc., its soft texture, long melt in your mouth taste, is a favorite of the italians.

“Send fire treasures Honeysuckle chrysanthemum best effect

Sorching summer came again, and with, more and more people have a sore throat, or around the corners of the mouth long a small bag and so on were mentioned symptoms have appeared.Most people would choose a cup of tea to the pharmacy to buy a send a fire.Such as chrysanthemum, boat-fruited sterculia sweet tea, or separate chrysanthemum and honeysuckle, use is all this?Midsummer comes four pillars of gunpowder best-selling: honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, dwarf lilyturf, and sweet tea
Lose points real virtual
“Double take” real fire Dwarf lilyturf out the production of body fluid
“Were mentioned also points of real and virtual, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, only for real fire disease” of hubei university of Chinese medicine Wang Xu former professor, engaged in clinical TCM, TCM diet for 37 years.
He explained, “double take” has clear heat purging fire, especially the summer drink effect is good, the tie-in effect is better, will cure sore throats, breath of sores, if bleeding gums, cogongrass rhizome of heat stop bleeding can also be used.
The production of body fluid with real fire performance about, how to judge?Wang Xu before the introduction, the production of body fluid is much more common pharynx yellow mouth, dry mouth dryness, upset, irritability, five upset hot, stool stem node, be agitated, etc, in excess of the young sun be the spirit easy to occur in the real fire certificate, and the elderly deficiency caused by their body function began to degenerate, lose much for the production of body fluid, at this time the “double take” send fire effect is poor.Real fire is reduced, the production of body fluid is Yin tonifying qi, clear heat, dwarf lilyturf zi greasy Or caulis dendrobii is a good choice.

5 creative ice tea Get rid of the dog days heat

Hot dead ~ the people across the country are screaming like this three words!Today, but the bad news is that just the summer solstice, which means the dog days that is still unfolding.Deal with the traffic lights have been exposed to strike the sweltering summer heat, cool and refreshing ice tea drink without.Don’t drink to greasy, 5 creative ice drink to help you drive away heat ~ ~ ~ lime green tea ice drink
Sour orange with green tea, drink up would be what kind of taste?But what is certain is that the drink is absolutely super antioxidant!White to yellow in the drink it happens in that instant ~ of course, will be more after the frozen drink.

Summer is the most appropriate to eat lily porridge Nourishing the stomach nerves.

Lily taste slightly bitter, flat, can have the effect of sedative nourishing the stomach, and in the summer eat hot wet heat becomes more and more appropriate.Below to introduce the following a few big effect with diet.Lily was significant, it is not arbitrary, in the four seasons eat runfei cough, tranquilize the efficacy.Lily contains protein, fat, starch, vitamin, carotene, sugar and trace of colchicine, calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc., can cure lung Yin deficiency caused by dry cough phlegm less, dry throat, thirst, shortness of breath, fatigue, fever injured Yin, upset restless, neurasthenia, diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis.
1, runfei cough: lily some samples contain phlegmatic, have run dry heat effect, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of phlegm-heat type. Or lung fever cough disease can often work, etc.
2, calming nerves, nerves: lily into the heart sutra, slightly cold, can call except vexed, calming nerves nerves, used for fever, warm, after thinking trance, insomnia, much dream, conditions such as depression, sad to cry.
3, beauty to raise colour: white and delicate and charming lily, some samples are rich in phlegmatic and vitamin, is good for the skin cell metabolism, often feed lily, have a certain beauty effect