Beautiful talent will look Winter is the most new trend in sleeping beauty

Maintenance for the skin to turn it off at night charge!
During the day, a state of tension in the skin, used in all the effort against external damage.Day cream function is given priority to with isolation and protection.Only in the night, and the skin is disarmed, quietly to repair.This is like mobile phone charging, if the phone on charge press, so although it looks as if already filled with, but never amounted to less than 100% of the electricity;Only under the conditions of the phone completely shut down To get the electricity.Maintenance is equivalent to close mobile phone charging at night so that he can completely full complement energy for the skin.
Super penetration, to point the sun is shining
The skin has to protect themselves and barrier function.Night, busy self repair skin cells, the function of the outer barrier will reduce, so although skin skin moisture loss will grow fast, but relatively cutin layer of penetration will increase, and the skin’s own skin temperature is high, the pore expansion, so the night use of maintain article composition can further penetrate into the skin absorption use.So the essence of the closet is rich in nutrients, night cream, mask, eye mask, etc., are suitable for use in night!
Time must be sleeping in the detoxification of gold
Today, people who do not understand night “time-sharing maintenance” is not maintenance.Body when you sleep, in every period of time has a focus on its functioning, nighttime 11:00 ~ 2 is the best time for the body lymph drainage, metabolism of toxins from the body at this time, the skin is no exception.Request for you is to sleep in this time.If you want to stay up late without sleep, on the face, of course, gray.

Fall quickly defeated the face dry lines 2 methods

Each person’s skin has small fine lines, but is mostly dry lines, now the weather is a bit cold, moisture in the skin rapid evaporation, will feel severe water shortages, now it is time to please the moisturizing, with the help of experts help you quickly defeated the facial skin dry lines.
Skin killer
The weather changes affect the humidity of the air cooler season, autumn will soon feel dry skin.
An open air conditioning air conditioning, will reduce the humidity in the air, the moisture in the skin will be quietly away.If the open air conditioning to sleep, the second day early morning it is easy to get sucked dry skin.
Stay up late Is reforming and repair skin at night time, didn’t have a good rest, skin natural without proper moisture complement, drying will become inevitable.
Makeup makeup time is too long, the skin to breathe, metabolism has been affected, if again with moisturizing effect is not good or moist degree not enough powdery cake, water shortages will become more obvious.

New Year’s eve to eat the bonanza version “the most lucky” gourmet map out!

At the beginning of the end is definitely not a variety of meal.The New Year, enjoy the new start, enjoy new delicious.Rich and delicious food make people not only in the New Year has a good appetite, but also can let a person have a year of good mood.At the start of the New Year, however, to enjoy the food at the same time also can eat the benefits in the New Year, so how can you miss?In this special inventory 2015 essential for everyone “the luckiest” gourmet map!Every Saturday, clever Use the card number 62 at the beginning of unionpay card, roadmap, pay in the following these restaurants charge, earn 20% of the meal price unionpay integral.And can also be used for the integral jingdong, 1 store electricity consumption platform, the key is integral is equal to 1 yuan, seeks the welfare for the New Year during meals!Version are all over the country, no matter where you are, eat out together 2015 welfare first bonanza!”Not a true man unless he comes to the Great Wall, don’t eat roast duck really regret”, Beijing roast duck is characteristic, but also popular all over the world foodies.Especially for foodies in Shanghai, Beijing roast duck is the Chinese family meals is not wrong choice.Jing hui essence to authentic Beijing flavour preferences of Shanghai diners, will a Beijing roast duck is doing fine, fine, plus more than a duck “eat” a variety of cooking methods, can enjoy fresh Shanghai foodies synonym.In a taste flavour a wonderful with family I also don’t forget to pay attention to in Beijing cuisine of unionpay signed purchase the content on the list, still perhaps can conveniently arranged in the home to buy together, is not noble deed?But the huaiyang cuisine culture foundation, the mix of western modern cooking techniques innovative contemporary Shanghai cuisine is but the biggest characteristic.In a vein from south of rhyme in suzhou and hangzhou, believe diners also more natural body but the jiangnan charm.As the first company to get a Michelin star “mainland catering brand, but the original many classic dishes, make the version at the thought of was the forefinger big move.
In addition to food, but every restaurant in different decoration style raged out of Shanghai’s unique charm, very suitable for the company’s annual dinner.Imagine at the annual meeting of the party on a Saturday to toast to welcome the New Year with my colleagues, in the innovation of elegant linger between food and innovative environment, is a matter of how comfortable.

Get rid of the unlucky “crow fashion” have a coup

Winter is not over yet, we can’t wait to take off the bloated, dim “crow”, always feel on the dress can be “bright” beautiful some, before a few years popular colours as fashionable dress up there seems to be no thought, editors also think that not everyone is suitable for bump color, is easy to wear the wrong do not wear.Actually even if bleak winter also can English you a “light” and become different.The most suitable for winter bright color, the editor would recommend is red, whatever you wear dark clothes, red is the most versatile, one of the most feminine color, even if you wear the black dress up life, to a red handbag, also can let your winter looks western style is not less.Black dress up no problem, first of all, the life most show thin, can wear in any occasion, just lack of some soft feminine taste.Secondly, want to change the dim colorless winter clothing, from your clothing and accessories, such as your a pair of black high heels with red wine, or a black coat with some red or other colors, and so on, in the end, our goal is to make the “colorless” winter looks more feminine flavour.
Make good use of a pale blue edge jeans
Actually this kind of jeans is very common in spring and summer, with a variety of short sleeve T-shirt looks very casual, but in winter to use it to take a pair of feet of high-heeled shoes is also very beautiful.

Milk goats have been OUT of breast milk soap skin care to friends

When Yang bubble milk bath was a luxury to let a person envy envy hate, now of bath, cleansing milk, milk products are sold to sell.We all know that contains milk ingredients maintain article moisturize skin, and and made precious, today is mother’s show made with milk soap for you, think of lactation mother every day to eat what high nutrition, you know how much they produce soaps beauty to raise colour again!This be the mother of mother’s milk soap must teach you how to do it before a statement once, she is really really not because of too much milk to make soap, but because of who I am when during the medicine to the sick unable to get extra milk to stay to make soap, soap, such both neither can cause waste, can experience the fun of making.After all, every drop is all very precious, is the mother’s blood into!
Let’s look at the finished product, cute?Each finished without the mold have a reservation for a lot of people are beginning to!

Full freshness six everybody like hubei cuisine

“Aquaculture, fish, vegetables give priority to” pay attention to fresh, tender, soft, smooth, bright – in “greasy” Spring Festival “light”, how can get the figure of hubei cuisine less?Even the most ordinary ribs, with QingNen lotus root a medium and, also into the mouth with freshness.
Cold fresh bracken
Raw material: 500 g bracken
4 g ingredients: 25 g shredded green onion, salt, sugar, 2 grams, 20 g dried chilli, sesame oil, 25 ml
1. Wash and drain first, then the bracken cut into segments;At the end of the dry chili choose clean, cut into, into the bowl, set aside.
2. In the frying pan into the sesame oil, to the oil level can be seen the striation, into the cayenne pepper Fried into brown, pour into a bowl, cool and set aside.
3. The ferns in the basin, in the cool adding salt, sugar and sesame oil with shredded green onion, stir into the Fried chilli oil again after, mixing evenly, pour on the bracken ok well plate, can.
1. Pour the salt and sugar first rather than directly in the sesame oil and in the ferns, because direct and easy to mix on uneven, and first, after and sesame oil mix to fall when ferns mix much easier.
2. In the basin ok well than plate easier operation, bracken, especially if you want to add a market is not easy to fall out spoilt.
3. If using fresh fern vegetables rather than fresh bracken packaging, first remove the grass flavor, blanch in boiling water the best so that will be delicious.

A coat a hat Learn to stylish addition LOOK to ascend

Interacting in a whole winter coat, from a loose coat by long coat, we have to wear a times, it was found that the original coat to wear fashionable the simplest method is wearing a hat.In 2014 autumn/winter catwalk modelling, designers will also subtly this simple collocation is used to the LOOK.Actually traditional hat is most famous is the jockey club, the debutantes with a variety of hat depression get on modelling, then it gradually become an important link of the jockey club.Is the emphasis of a hat, the nods eyeball pen of it to promote the class of the whole LOOK, quick coat for you to choose a brim hat.Using 2014 autumn/winter coat and hat LOOK very much, Dsqured2 break tradition, with a full cap collocation spell color coat, increased the witty fun in traditional;Tod’s arc shape wide-brim hats made another 60 s style;It’s worth noting that fastens with color coat and cap collocation can bring more harmonious visual feeling, make the body more into wholeness.

The eve of the preheating Break the delicious as usual

Don’t know Chinese impressed everyone would be like, but as a result of Chinese food is broad regional let people to its understanding is one-sided and single, like touch like a blind man, the in the mind of the foreigners that can represent the Chinese food is black bears meat, and in Beijing mind may be roast duck, and sichuan hot pot and Shanghai braise in soy sauce meat and so on.So this time I want to be a “Chinese food” – one to break the geographical boundaries of Chinese food.Considered in design when the dishes, in order to avoid too much geographical elements and cause food to become the phenomenon of chaos, so the main part will be relatively well, and side dishes can’t more than two kinds, in order to avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role.The beauty of these breakthrough ideas brilliant Chinese food, for your family reunion dinner table may increase many surprises.
Chinese style salad
Chinese vegetables is multifarious, but, because of the habit, there are very few in the Chinese food in the habit of eating raw vegetables. So refer to sichuan sesame catsup PND tail-on, we will be a variety of typical Chinese vegetables focus on the dishes, mix we also familiar with sesame catsup mature vinegar juice, let the facts prove that Chinese food can also make salad of very rich.
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Production time: 10 minutes
Ingredients: 2 slices purple bei semiaquilegia, amaranth leaves 2, 5 g celery, lily 3 disc, walnuts, 2, 1 tomato heart, spinach, naked oats leaves 5 grams, green 5 grams, large and a few of sesame, quail, 1 egg, 1 piece of cucumber about 3 grams, west blue flower 5 grams, the FIG half
Seasoning: sesame paste 20 grams, 20 grams of mature vinegar, sugar 20 g, with a little, balm 3 grams
Practice: 1. The quail eggs Fried, west blue flower cup of boiled water, wash other vegetables.2. Mix the sauce into the sauce. Set aside.3. The vegetables neatly packed in tray, pour in sauce when you eat.
Cuisine features: the color of the relaxed jump but also harmonious, the ingredients of the quarter, colour and lustre is, appearance clean and fresh, give a person the sense with dew in the morning.A dish of candy color, flavor as its general appearance make people happy.Absolute is healthy and good taste the best match, and now that is Chinese style salad, will use Chinese seasoning to match, dipped in sesame catsup, let the light of vegetables and fruits in sinochem to open.
Wine advice: man he Ann tononi prologis Moscow Fiji ray Luo Ganbai wine (July 08 blind tasting No. 7)
Key words: Chinese style salad, sesame catsup

Will do 4 Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve

Christmas can not warm Christmas dinner?If there is no new idea and think eating out is too extravagant, so might as well own creative DIY, can use in the supermarket to buy materials, smart housewife in the home can be arranged as a sumptuous and chic Christmas dinner.
Caesar salad
Ingredients: 2 slices bacon 3, white toast, boiled, 1 egg, romaine lettuce1, 2 asparagus root, black olive, Parmesan cheese and a half piece, Parmesan cheese powder, 20 g
Condiments: 40 grams of mayonnaise, Anchovy according to personal taste right amount, black pepper grain of 4 g, WorcestershireSauce8 ml, British black 1 head pressure ChengRong 15 ml of vinegar and garlic
1. White toast toast to edge after cutting ChengFangDing, mix garlic oil after put the baking tray, above 200 ℃ high temperature baking in the oven until golden brown color.Made in paper towels absorb redundant oil, Crouton, bacon dice in POTS seditious untransparant, set aside.
2. The romaine lettuce into random flake, black olives to cut it into rings, asparagus, cut to the root of the older part, and then with water, boiled eggs were divided into 4 pieces, Parmesan cheese cut into strips, and set aside.
3. Add Anchovy in mayonnaise, black pepper, Worcestershire Sauce, garlic, and the black vinegar, stirring, to make the Sauce, set aside.
4. Mix Crouton and bacon butyl on bottom and top with romaine lettuce, decorated with asparagus and Parmesan cheese market by it, then sprinkle with black olives, will cut the boiled eggs in the side, and to reconcile good sauce served together, can.
1. Romaine lettuce available general lettuce or other leafy vegetables their preferences instead.
2. According to his be fond of white boiled egg boiled fully cooked, medium, or you can also do a poached, then chop on it.
3. The original Caesar salad was not Anchovy, but have the better to eat, if you cannot find, can be replaced with other canned salted fish.
4. If you don’t have the black vinegar can be replaced with the smell of freshly squeezed lemon juice out.

Learn to do 5 homely lobster dinner in autumn

Lobster, the always seems noble head high head guy, really so difficult to arrange?We can help you put it into the house, please a few authentic cuisine lobster, ensure that after you learn, the next time buy it no longer hesitate.
The nutrition of lobster:
If you think eating lobster is a style, then you are wrong.Lobster is expensive, must have its truth.
1. The protein.Lobster protein content is higher than most of the freshwater and seawater fish and shrimp.Contains necessary for human body but the body can’t synthesis or synthetic is enough of 8 kinds of essential amino acids, but also includes the vertebrate body content rarely arginine, in addition, the lobster also containing a histidine are helpful to children’s development.
2. The fat.Lobster fat content not only was much lower than the livestock and poultry, and many lower than in the shrimp, shrimp.And the fat are mostly composed of the unsaturated fatty acid necessary to human body, easy digestion and absorption by human body, and has the effect to prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the body.
3. The minerals.Lobster and other aquatic products, contains the essential mineral composition, including calcium, phosphorus, sodium and iron content is higher than general ChuQinRou, also higher than the prawns.As a result, often eat lobster meat can keep the excitability of nerve and muscle.
4. The vitamin.Lobster is also one of the important sources of fat-soluble vitamins, rich in vitamins A, C, D, considerably more than terrestrial animals.
How to choose the lobster?
Lobster so expensive, you come home only bad wronged.Must pick fresh big, looking at surface bright, shrimp body strong and complete tentacles.If buy the female shrimp, make will taste more delicious.How to identify a female lobster?The shrimp head body under the skin to see if there is a pair of triangular connection part small thorn, if that is the female shrimp.