Copy is like place oneself in Naples Shanghai Italian food

Mengzi road after remodeling in popular Italian restaurant Scarpetta kicks off again, is sweet and comfortable family style, but more lively and playful element.On metope a slightly exaggerated posters of the old style, let people copy is like place oneself in a family of slope in the country, large draw the outline of the posture of the pig on the blackboard with chalk and indicating the various parts, and the special dishes appetising.The second floor of the new dining part, whether it is a corner of the sofa, can tear spell or middle wooden desk, are more suitable for people for dinner.The original can accommodate more than 20 personal little restaurant had grown up.

Doing a good taste Shanghai slow cooking restaurant at low temperature

In single-family villa in the western restaurant, is the world’s first to “low temperature slow cooked” as the theme of the restaurant, the restaurant offers only two packages, each dish cook method used in the low temperature in different degrees, is a very rare experience.Ornamental engraving wood door is behind the tall broad space, wooden floor and the wall shelf build a quiet and elegant atmosphere, west road, the second floor of the founding of the small single-family houses just like a family of scholarly family.On the second floor, the open type of cuisine table orderly stacked the POTS and pans, and kitchen tools, left and right sides each have a nine people a square table, diners at the table, close to appreciate arrange stage chef of a recruit a type.Lean on a wall of the professional level Silver oven and refrigerator, is one of the most modern and metal in the whole space feeling, but it has not aloof and cold and cheerless posture, but everything for food service of the waiter.Like friends home sitting room, here we come to this, also like to friend home party, relaxed and natural, master elaborate feast and laughed.
Here is VIA, the world’s first “low temperature slow cooked” as the theme of the restaurant.Low-temperature cooking slowly (Sous Vide) is very popular in the world in recent years, the concept of it through the low temperature of vacuum sealed plastic bags of food for a long time to heat, refined food the best taste of raw material, the whole process short, three to five hours, long days and nights.This was the world’s top chefs will use technology, but with the increasing popularity of vacuum low temperature cooking machine, a lot of restaurants and family also slowly into the operation.But, not have the machine will be universal, mastery of the ingredients and the early and late processing is also crucial.

The talk about Fried chicken + beer

Recently, quan zhixian with you from the stars, starring Kim soo-hyun make Fried chicken in the streets and alleys of domestic beer combination, all Internet users are looking for finding the most close to the south Korean flavor “meal” stars.However, again delicious Fried chicken at home than do outside the feeling of warmth, YOKA you do authentic star meal together!Most popular Korean dramas everywhere in recent years, but after the voices whispered, next followed, can cause why “stars” play “Fried chicken beer” boom?Close to the life of diet culture influence to be reckoned with.No unique I, han drama “dae jang geum” hit a couple of years ago, Korean dishes to upsurge in southeast Asia, even in a few years later, although TV series agitation, but cultural influences remain, Korean shop everywhere, not only promote the k-food, also for the good impression.Pop songs and movies, etc the influence of the Korean wave itself may only at that time the scenery, but the effect of derivative – life value of the Korean wave is greater than the former.

Hot and humid day food choice Hot and sour Thai delicious

Thailand is a tropical country, linhai hot natural climate formed its acidophilus, the chilli diet culture characteristics.Because of the climate, the local people prefer hot and sour taste, more rich flavor food to cut the sun lazy, open slightly weak with faint scent of natural fruits and vegetables sour taste buds, spicy savoury, warm stomach acid.Thai food acid, more is the use of local natural acidity material.Sour mango, papaya, lime, acid beans is Thai food The commonly used acid material.And spicy Thai food, millet pepper is Thailand.But comparing our familiar, hot, hot and spicy hunan, sichuan, Thailand spicy will somewhat small and pure and fresh, usually served with lemon acid, coconut milk, sweet.This kind of feeling, like a Thai idiomatic “massage”, although a sour pain pain, but good.Spicy Thai food not only no upwelling hot feeling, but because of its unique seasoning, eliminate wet poison of high temperature resistance force for visitors to Thailand, because the Thai food condiments multi-purpose natural thing in the world, together with seafood, food less oil acid, has been internationally recognized as the most healthy diet.
Hot and humid day food choice Hot and sour Thai delicious

About the bread Nine things you don’t know

Method in manet art gallery in Paris for the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the provides more than 60 pieces, will be in Shanghai on March 8.If this 50 years great changes have taken place in France as the world, so bread can be said to be the method of the monet on table.Nowadays, bread is becoming more and more popular in China, meaning also is not just to dine, more and more people begin to consider what kind of bread is better to eat, what kind of material is more nutrition.In Zurich, Switzerland, the museum, there is a piece of bread, it comes from the bottom of 6000 years ago;There – in Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb murals, it is people to make bread, now also has a history of more than 5000 years.Since the “Egyptian servant asleep, invented the bread”, the legend of the bread could have implications far beyond the category of food, this kind of expansion, has a perfect curve after fermentation natural diet from the start it will be expected to have a bite is the meaning of happiness.
Bread, it is said, the original production technology is not started in Europe, but Egypt in Africa.It is said that an Egyptian servant accidentally put in the sun to bake and good dough into loaves of bread, the results accidentally fell asleep.After a period of time, he found dough up, try to put it on the fire bake, taste is far more than the wafers, soft and tasty.
When the ancient greeks and Romans successively after getting bread making skills from Egypt, were circulated after bread finally in the 5th century.

Issue of spring “cherry color” food for a while

“Like by push sakura bamboo shoots, blouse with spring.”The season of spring may be a pink, because romantic cherry blossoms bloom at this time.No matter you are in wuhan university and Kyoto, Japan, flying cherry blossoms are let a person get drunk.And there is a cherry blossom season for food, whether you are like a cherry blossom with stone or sakura dessert, the period for a time, you are worth pursuing.Tea springs Lao Po “sakura” type of afternoon tea
Is the most famous cherry blossoms name, Kyoto, Japan, nature is name.Tea hut not far from duck under the shrine of baoquan, was born on the fruit of baoquan tea houses, hall and operated by the town home building into tea house, divided into several tea house, and garden landscape outside, a piece of green beauty, refreshing, cleverly hidden in residential areas, near the little store, very quiet.Qualified and fruit in season here, and pushed out by the cherry blossom season, nature is cherry blossom theme of tea.

The tip of the tongue on the trees Chew out the breath of spring

Confucius said: “from time to time, don’t feed”.Mean, is not this season (things) do not eat.Seasonal vegetables, comply with the natural law is “tonic”.There are four seasons in our ancient dietary five theory.Chinese emphasize “Yin and Yang”, “five elements”, attaches great importance to climate change on the relationship between the human body.Alternate early spring season, changes in temperature, and spring should fill “rose”, spring supplements are based on the principle of nourishing is given priority to, avoid big hot tonic.Spring weak human nature, that is to say, gastrointestinal digestion ability is bad, at this time Should eat some light food.So best spring green shoots.TCM classics as huangdi neijing also said he would “old valley food”, is to eat food in season.In spring all plants give out fresh green shoots, edible green has a lot of, such as cedar, bean sprouts, garlic sprout, mung beans, lettuce, etc.
Su Shichun chrysanthemum seedlings, guo moruo hibiscus flowers like boiled soup.Spring is green vegetables a period time, so the “green shoots” is the unique delicious spring, wild vegetables green will wake up in the spring of intestines and stomach, single look at those thick branches and leaves, green is already salivating, coupled with fresh and crunchy taste, miss will regret for a year.
The tip of the tongue on the trees Chew out the breath of spring

Early summer Tinkling drive to Inner Mongolia!

Five after a long holiday, went into the early summer.Early summer, Inner Mongolia, more vibrant, all things everywhere is beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery.In the area around really save money and energy, looking for a carefully, journey need not be too far away, there will be a lot of charming landscape scenery and unique cultural landscape.Small make up for your action, want to play in the Inner Mongolia good friends must pay attention!
Early summer Tinkling drive to Inner Mongolia!
Phaeton tin le grassland
Recommended reason: every year from may to September, phaeton tin le grassland flowers everywhere, is the best tourist season of the year.At this point to the prairie, although there is no summer grass, but also not lack of grassland vast and spirit.Here, the heart is free, is relaxed, there is no way, but also do not need, because as long as you walk through, it is the road.There are large white clouds, blue sky, pure and fresh breath dissipation around, let a person cannot help greedy mouth breathing.Ger, koumiss, rich ethnic customs will let you regret it.

Don’t want to become a stain younger sister These five skills to learn

For nursing spots, prevention is far more efficient than remedial ahead of time.Still use SPF and PA value to examine your sunscreen?That is a little out of date.Come see Matthew teacher to tell you the most intimate prevent five spots, skills, practical and effective.
Spots formed by external causes: sun exposure
Skin spots are influenced by many factors, the formation of the sun is the most common in the external factors, don’t wear sunscreen to protect, in inside skin melanin accumulation, gradually form a two-tone spots.
Body internal cause spots
Cause of our body itself can also induce spots, insomnia, endocrine disorders, the spread of hormone disorder and other issues will also be a spot.

Into the Seoul to enjoy a cup of coffee with Korean

After huge coffee culture spread to the han river north and south, Seoul surpass the number of coffee shops in Manhattan, New York, become the eastern city of “coffee”.Let’s go into the cafe, Seoul feel unique coffee culture in South Korea.South Korea in April, the cherry blossom orchid blossom, Seoul coffee shops along the street to pull up the shutter, let the petals and sunshine is aspersed wantonly into the store.Neighborhood and university leave the flavour of the coffee shop on the road, but also attracted the new and old passer-by in Seoul.
For south koreans are so in love coffee, the coffee history will have to mention South Korea.Way there are many legends about coffee spread to South Korea, one of the most credible is b without incident occurred in 1895, the emperor emperor at large to the Russian embassy in infatuation with the flavor of the coffee, so now and then back to the palace in Seoul’s longevity palace new built western style “porch” silently, taste coffee there.In the meantime, serve The emperor emperor tasting coffee germans Sontag on the conferment of 184 square meters of land built two floors of the hotel, and on the second floor selling coffee, this is South Korea’s first coffee shop.