GuXia sultry Eat melons heat hypoglycemic

The sultry GuXia come, then might as well eat more the melon. Because most melons can been used to help remove toxins, is cooling heat with good food. They are the food with the highest water content, and is rich in minerals and vitamins, can effectively supplement the summer lost a lot of water. At the same time, they are almost no fat, low energy, most have lipid hypoglycemic effects. Cucumber, water melon
Cucumber can thirst quenching, heat, water, raw have fall hematic fat, fall blood sugar, the effect of whitening skin. Recommend a day to eat one. Fresh cucumber appearance luster, bellybutton with flowers, feel hard, with spiny.
Recommend how to eat: cold cucumber thirst quenching; Moo shu pork nutrition balance. Special note: spleen and stomach cold person should eat less raw cucumber, had better eat cooked.

Compelling often drink the tea Heat the heatstroke

Summer is a good time to travel, but slightly do not pay attention to the body will be affected by heat, then a heat stroke.To prevent and deal with the heat thermal actually very simple, from the perspective of the diet.Below to introduce the three tea, often drink can play the role of clear hotness heatstroke, you might as well try to do.1, silver chrysanthemum tea
Material: honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, herba artemisiae each 3 grams, licorice 2 grams
Production: boiling water to soak the medicinal materials.
Efficacy: this tea is cool and refreshing soared, heat-clearing and detoxifying effect;Supplement the moisture, heat, heat, on the basis of easily adapted to the throat sore, long blain boils.

Cold summer singing tone Increase appetite for digestion

Summer heat, especially often sat in the office work of white-collar workers and executives in a wide range of entertainment.Greasy diet and vexed hot weather squeezed between communication, and how can have appetite?Summer should give priority to tone with salad, fresh and delicious, simple, delicious salad do people the leading actor on the table, with fresh fruits and digestion increase appetite.Cucumber is the best food for summer filling water, its water content is the highest of all food, more than ninety-five percent, to complement the loss of moisture in the human body has a very good benefits.Cucumber contains bitter principle, has a certain anti-cancer effect.In addition, cucumber cool, has in addition to the effect of heat and water, detoxification.Cucumber is very suitable for cold, such as black fungus cucumber, garlic, cucumber, etc.

An hour after dinner The best time to eat cold drinks

Best to eat at noon.Noon sun be the spirit of the day is not only the most, is the human body sun be the spirit of the most popular and easy to heat stroke.This time, don’t have to worry about food too eat ice cold injury body, also can better summer cool.So at noon to 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon is the best time to eat ice.
For 1 hour after a meal to eat.Tianjin honorary President of the nutrition society FuJinRu said, cool and refreshing ice treats one down, the digestive system is the first injury, so eat ice, on an empty stomach can cause excessive stimulation to the stomach.Drink ice drink during meals is not good, so in a short period of time alternating stimulation, also hurt the stomach.Should after satiate meal, at least eat cold drink again after 1 hour.
5 seconds to swallow.Taipei city hospital charity CGMH between regions chao-jung Chen, director of the explanation, eat cold drink too fast can stimulate the sympathetic nerve, blood vessel contraction induced headache very quickly.FuJinRu suggestion, ice after the entrance, in the mouth about 5 seconds and then slowly swallowed.In addition, yogurt and other low temperature only eating food, can take out from the refrigerator to eat over 10 minutes at room temperature.

Foraging for food in chengdu From the five-star hotel to fly out in a restaurant

Great variety, taste good, chengdu prosperous dietary pattern, with deep knowledge of the sichuan language.Rich taste type, inner change quite a lot, people living here are always been inclined son to eat.Chengdu gourmet system development of comprehensive assessment, and it is not because self system strong and become a single, absorb and digest the sichuan chengdu, chongqing and other places the characteristics of sichuan cuisine, forming a new system based on sichuan flavor, this is sichuan people’s life wisdom.First meal to in chengdu is famous fly out in a restaurant MingTing hotel, but when you see this article, it may have in cao cao lane demolition engineering market disappeared.Splendor of west road no. 7 “class hotel”, it is the “temporary transition hotel”, the sign says dishes, the price remains the same.
Old, run-down vegetable markets, with the simple earthly fireworks, this is where I would go to visit places, float to fall away, not to mention the ear is familiar with sichuan dialect.Hidden in the market the most en croute MingTing restaurant, signature is not easy to see, sat around two facades waiter hospitality, there is a full meal in the middle of the channel, are MingTing turf.It is nearly two o ‘clock, eating people is an endless stream.This is I like thing, a lot of street restaurant, even if it is a pair of seems to have played Yang situation, as long as you walk into the store, is lunch chef can also leave rose up and went to the kitchen to cook for you, and almost all the streets will find a place to eat.This is a city will not starve.

Food does not make Beijing’s best value lunch

The crowd crowded subway, shape color in a hurry, the buzz of office, the ringing of the phone…In the busy modern life, give yourself to find a reason to found that the goodness of life, busy morning, a flavor all the lunch is the most refreshing.All said there is no such thing as a free lunch, that want to eat on a economical and delicious lunch, how to do?This city white-collar food is great reward, take the city looking for all kinds of special lunch together!Named after the Italian crown area “barolo wine restaurant, everywhere is brimming with the Italian romance and passion.The essence of the integration of traditional and modern food, bring a new experience.Food and wine perfect collocation, open mode kitchen room design, can cook and perfect interaction when dining, chefs sometimes wacky to joke with the guests, at the same time pay attention to everyone’s taste in the process of prepared food, such as custom, the chef is committed to using was born with his culinary talents, please the Italian food lovers around the world.Features, authentic pasta salad, fragrance soup, red wine, lamb chops and the Mediterranean Sea bass…A variety of delicious free collocation, can fully meet the personalized needs of everyone, choose three courses only need 178 yuan, the unique fresh and pure taste, taste full natural Italian cuisine can serve.

French restaurant around the organic market

Green & Safe from Taiwan, local in Taiwan, the company since 2005 has run cold home delivery business, every day will be Safe and healthy organic vegetables, milk, meat and other food to the guest in the home. Although holiday should eat and drink, through playing games, but what to eat, play, what actually is affecting the quality of the whole vacation. As the beginning, is located in dongping road Green & Safe should be a good recommendation.
Green & Safe from Taiwan, the company since 2005 has run cold home delivery business, every day will be Safe and healthy organic vegetables, milk, meat and other food to the guest in the home. Shanghai Green & Safe and Taiwan’s pattern is different, mainly in the market and restaurant combined entity shop management. Green & Safe all fresh organic vegetables are nurtured according to his strict way to cultivate in their own farm, located in kunshan as early as in 2008 since the genus farm has begun operations, from land management to planting, spent a lot of time. Store apart from fresh vegetables, eggs, milk, various varieties of fish and meat. Eat bread raised pigs, signing fishing boat fishing sea fish, free-range native… All fresh food in front of the shelves must pass such as heavy metal residues and strict inspection, and in order to avoid food may cause problems in transportation, meat and fish are kept adopted advanced refrigeration technology. To say the entity shop opened, spent nearly 5 years of time to prepare.

Sweet trip in Paris

Paris is a famous fashion capital, and romantic.But you don’t forget, it is well known in the world of food, such as these proven and very popular cake shop.The dessert shop was formally established in 1802, its roots can be traced back to 300 years ago in the palace of Versailles.Its first store in saint, the ray in the street, now has many branches.Raspberry moga dole cakes and chocolate covered with sweet didi beautiful cream puffs are worth a try.The specialty of the restaurant snacks French opera cake is popular in Paris, and coffee syrup version of the French opera cake flavor more perfect.

Do you easily lose?Can nourish dry autumn dryness

In early autumn, the climate began to dry, let us the moisture in the skin mucous membrane accelerate evaporation, the body will be prone to hot and dry conditions, also as “autumn dry” in traditional Chinese medicine, because the process of the transition from summer to winter, autumn cold and hot alternate repeatedly…In early autumn, the climate began to dry, let us the moisture in the skin mucous membrane accelerate evaporation, the body will be prone to hot and dry conditions, such as dry skin, cough, sore throat, sore, dry mouth, etc., also as “autumn dry” in traditional Chinese medicine, because the process of the transition from summer to winter, autumn cold repeated alternation, it’s easy to have a hot and humid and hot interactive scenario, morning and night temperature difference is big, poor resistance, particularly susceptible to colds.

The kitchen cooking science used cooking oil

“Cooking oil” is an essential part of cooking food seasoning, faced with more and more varieties of oil on the market, what kind of cooking way suited to supplement what cooking oil? Actually, kitchen cooking has certain knowledge, saute kind of way is suitable for high smoke point of cooking oil, and Fried to use high stability, high saturation of cooking oil. Boiled, Fried, saute the best oil
Oil condition: relatively stable after high smoke point, refined vegetable oil, or join a high stability oil become blend oil, suitable for high temperature cooking
Oil advice: grape seed oil, xuan rice bran oil, sunflower oil, pure olive oil, refined olive oil, canola oil, tea oil
Best oil Fried
Oil conditions: high smoke point, high stability, high saturation, suitable for high temperature frying
Oil: palm oil, canola oil, coconut oil, though low smoke point, but high saturated fat, also can be used to fry
Thousands of oil
Canola oil with high stability, smoke point as high as 240 ℃, the unit of unsaturated fatty acids as high as 62.52%.
Bitter tea oil, smoke point as high as 252 ℃, real freshly squeezed oil in Taiwan, and is refined oil, keep complete nutrient, unsaturated fatty acid more than olive oil.