Occupation spirit

The dream into reality, we must do three things: first, that can make the goal; second, to concentrate on, go to all lengths; third, put into action.

If people can put my heart into my work, even men of average ability, also to achieve good results. Work diligently and conscientiously, be absorbed in, passionate employees more valuable.

Who is full of optimism, positive person, there is always an inexhaustible energy, look focus, mood, and take the initiative to do, expect to cause bigger.

To improve their personality, to develop their own personalities, the most important is to take immediate action, to do the things you want to do. If you lack courage, endurance, courage, determination, then hone their possess these abilities.

Chinese Dumpling

Dumpling is China people’s favorite traditional foods. Its system of law is to use soft flour dumplings made of thin skin, again with fresh meat, cabbage, chop, mix with seasoning for stuffing, pack into the pot after the boil water can be boiled dumplings. Is characterized by thin filling tender, delicious taste, unique shape, 100 food is too.

Dumpling was originally called “Jiao ear”, is Chinese Yisheng Zhang Zhongjing first invented.

The Eastern Han Dynasty, local disasters, serious, a lot of people suffering from the disease. Nanyang has a famous doctor named Zhang Ji, word Zhongjing, childhood learning books, learn widely from others’strong points, as the founder of medicine. Zhang Zhongjing not only skillful, what Difficult miscellaneous diseases are at Food to the disease, and the noble medical ethics, regardless of the poor and the rich, he carefully and giving of treatment, saving countless lives. Zhang Zhongjing in Changsha crown, often medical treatment for the disease than people. One year the local prevalence of plague in the yamen mouth, he built up a big pot, life-saving care medicine, won the people’s love of changsha. Zhang Zhongjing from the Changsha retire after the return home, go home Shirakawa shore, see a lot of poor people suffering from cold and hunger, ears Dudong rotten. He felt very uncomfortable, determined to rescue them. Zhang Zhongjing returned home, particularly large number of people seeking treatment, his hands full, but his heart was always deep those frozen lousy ears of poor people. He modeled in Changsha approach, called his disciples medical tent erected, in a clearing in the Dongguan Nanyang put up a big pot, in the opening day of the winter solstice, to the poor care medicine cure injury.

Zhang Zhongjing medicine called “Quhan Jiao ear soup”, its practice is to use mutton, pepper and some Quhan medicine in the pot boil, then cooked fish out of these things come up, with a side bag into the ear like the “Jiao ear,” boiled begging drugs given to patients under the pot. Each two jiao ear, a bowl of soup. People eating Quhan soup all fever, blood flow, two ears warming. For a period of time, the patient’s rotten ears enough.

Zhang Zhongjing lasted until the year thirty. During Spring Festival, people celebrate the new year, also celebrated rotten ears rehabilitation, do have the Spring Festival imitation Jiao ear like food, and started this morning to eat. People call this kind of food as “dumpling ear”, “dumplings” or partial eclipse, in the winter solstice and new year’s day to eat, open shed medicine to commemorate Zhang Zhongjing and heal the sick days.

Zhang Zhongjing is nearly 1800 years ago, but he fold “Quhan Jiao ear soup” story has been widely circulated folk. During the winter solstice and the Lunar New Year’s day, people eat dumplings, heart still miss the Zhang Zhongjing kindness. Today, we do not need to use Jiao ear to cure frozen lousy ears, but the dumplings have become the most common, people’s favorite food.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, a mother’s day. Mother’s day first appeared in ancient greece. The modern mother’s day by Anna Jarvis (Anna Jarvis, America 1864-1948) initiated, was to be held each year on the second Sunday of May. In 2006 December, Chinese ADPL Festival emblem culture committees will April the lunar new year lunar calendar, is the mother Mencius born this day as the mother’s day.

The earliest known mother’s Day originated in ancient greece. On this day, the ancient Greeks to pay tribute to the mother of the Greek gods, Hera. By mid seventeenth Century, festival spread to england. On this day, the young people away from home for his mother will, some small gifts.

America mother’s day by Anna Jarvis (Anna Jarvis, 1864-1948) initiated, she never married, has been accompanied by the mother. Anna Jarvis’s mother kind-hearted, compassionate, she proposes that we should set up a memorial day to commemorate mothers make dedication unknown to the public, but this wish has not been achieved, she died. Her daughter Anna Jarvis in 1907 to hold activities, will apply for mother’s day as a statutory holiday. The festival on May 10, 1908 in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, USA officially began. In 1913, America Congress will determine the May each year the second Sunday of mother’s day as a statutory regulations, and on this day each and every family to fly the national flag, to express their respect for the mother. Anna Jarvis’s mother’s love carnations became the symbol USA mother’s day.

In 1876, American civil war still mourn the dead. Mrs. Anna Chavez (Anna Jarvis) in the week mother’s day history teaching America memorial day of course, as the heroes who died in the battle of the story, she said a prayer: “I hope that somewhere, sometime, will be the creation of a mother’s day, to commemorate and praised the United States and the mother of the world.”

Mrs. Chavez her chapel service for more than 25 years, at 72 years old when she died, 41 year old daughter, Anna, determined to create a mother’s day, to realize that her mother years ago wish. Anna has written to the many famous people, asking them to support the establishment of mother’s day, to promote filial piety, poor response at first, but she was not discouraged, to continue to appeal to all walks of life.1907 year in May 12th, Andre was invited by Anna Methodist Church held a liturgy for mothers. The following year, this ceremony is held in Philadelphia, the enthusiastic response, finally won the support of the governor of Victoria, and announced the establishment of mother’s day in the state in 1910. In 1911, to celebrate Mother’s Day activities have been carried out very widely, not only swept every state of the United States of America, and even Canada, Mexico and South American countries also began to celebrate this holiday. The United States of America have a mother’s day with propaganda leaflets issued by ten different words to all the nations of the world, in order to expand the influence. After a few years, celebrate Mother’s day on the movement of the boom continues unabated. In 1912, the United States has established a special mother’s day international association.

In 1913 May, the United States House of Representatives passed a resolution unanimously, all the officials called on the president and cabinet, both houses of Congress and the federal government will wear white carnations on Mother’s day. In 1914, the United States Congress officially named the second Sunday in May as mother’s day, and requested the President issued a declaration, calling on government officials to fly the national flag in all public buildings. Then, Wilson president told the national citizen in his house hung the flag to express love and respect the people of the United States of America all the mother. Since then the president of the United States each year to deliver an identical declaration. Since then, mother’s day in different countries.

Gisele Bundchen leans the sentiment deduction Chanel No. 5 new ad

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen once again topped the Forbes global supermodel income topped the list, with a credit of $47000000 last year, leading industry group of brilliant. Recently, Bundchen is one fell swoop down Chanel two endorsement, and work in the world famous film director Baz Ruman (BAZ LUHRMANN) to create Chanel N ° 5 perfume next ad.

In 2004 Baz Rumanzen was directed by Niicole Kidman (NICOLE KIDMAN) starring Chanel N ° 5 perfume ads, popular all over the world. This time, he will be with the unique aesthetic idea of their extraordinary creativity as the Chanel classic N ° 5 perfume the legend continues.

Chanel spokesman said on the selection of Giselle as the new No.5 voice: “chose Gisele Bundchen, because her natural beauty and modern feminine.” The Giselle in the latest Chanel No. 5 perfume ads will be released at the end of the year.

Looking back over the past few years those amazing Chanel perfume ads, both precious recording a Marilyn Monroe last year, the exposure of the interview, or the world’s sexiest man Brad Pitt in a sincere confession in front of the camera, or a romantic encounter with Audrey Tatu in the middle of the night on the train, are particularly afford much food for thought, let impressive. So we begin to guess, this year by the supermodel Gisele Bundchen deductive Chanel advertisement will bring what story?
According to this early outpouring of stills, is anyone’s guess!

To alleviate the damage of environmental pollution on the human body.

These tips can help alleviate the damage of environmental pollution on the human body.

1, standing artificial tears

Environmental pollution will cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory organs. Often feel itchy eyes? You probably got conjunctivitis. For mild symptoms, containing hyaluronic acid, preservative free artificial tears can rise to alleviate the effect of. When in use, must be artificial tears filling the eyes. If the symptoms are severe, can use eye drops containing povidone iodine and carboxymethyl cellulose components.

2, the washing of nasal cavity

After going out, in addition to wash your face, you need to clean the most easily inhaled pollutants nose. Can use water or saline nasal wash, to remove pollutants, and released due to lack of water caused by nasal dryness.

3, tea detoxification

Fructus Schisandrae tea helps to relieve cough and allergic dermatitis symptoms, kudzu root tea has the efficacy of detoxification of heavy metals. In addition, honey water also helps to enhance the immunity of the human body.

Fructus Schisandrae tea: add in 30 grams of Schisandra 1.2 liters of water, then boiled water to halve.

Kudzu root tea: 2 liters of water to 50 grams of Pueraria lobata, the water begins to boil, turn off the heat for 10-15 minutes, and then continue to cook.

Honey lemon tea: 2 slices of lemon and 1 teaspoons of honey into fully stir in 250ml water.

People should control their emotions.

Optimists always look on the bright side of things, ready to save the day success, therefore, they are always welcome everywhere. They not only their own happiness, also can bring happiness to others.

People should control their emotions. A be trained with regularity in thought and mind of people, can quickly get rid of anxiety. If not adjust good mood, do not begin to address important issues at this time, especially not decisions on major events affecting their life doing.

The only way to stay happy is to seize every opportunity in life, enjoy life. Have a happy man of nature is not only the most happy, and longevity, these people are usually the most successful group. Their sense of humor, positive quality, the pursuit of life nature, make their life becomes rich and colorful.

No matter what kind of work do you do, try to experience the fun of! Like other like ability, happy, positive attitude can be cultivated. At work, if from time to time to smile, even if is to force yourself to smile several voices, also can make work seem less difficult and boring.

Laughter relieves the anxiety and doubt, reduce the fast pace of modern life pressure. A relaxed state of mind than rigid boring is better, it can make the complicated environment we detached from reality outside.

The function of diet for westerners.

For westerners, the most important is the function of diet as a means of survival, is the need for the bottom. Driven by this idea, the Western diet to ensure physiological basis. It pays attention to nutrition, regardless of the food color, smell, taste, shape how, nutrition must be assured. Mr. Lin Yutang once said: “the injected fuel English only to” eat “for a biological machine, as long as they ate can keep the body after the strong, enough to resist the infection of pathogens, other are insignificant in.” The Western diet also pay attention to nutrition, pay attention to maintaining the nutritional ingredients in the cooking process. Single which determines the western food cooking methods, mainly is burned, fried, roasted, fried, braised, various materials rarely set cooking, dishes of fish is fish, chicken is chicken, even if is the seasonings are now eating now. In order to reduce the loss of nutrients Western-style food, often eat vegetables raw, not only include tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli or even. So their “salad” as a feed, it is difficult to swallow the exquisite taste of Chinese speaking. Westerners in the cooking process also pay attention to science: they reject the use of monosodium glutamate, which is neither nutritional and chemical products have side effects; add seasonings, feedstock and using the balance and measuring cup, units and even to be accurate to g. The rational and scientific Western-style food determines the Western diet is not possible as China as fine, complex and diverse forms. From Losangeles to New York, the steak is only one flavor, beef and potato is always only a practice, what and what collocation also often immutable and frozen.

April Fool’s day

In some European and American countries, the Gregorian calendar April 1st is April Fool’s Day (humor Festival), on this day, people open to a variety of ways people around joke, dupe when told it was April Fool’s day, only see light suddenly, so the day can always lead to many jokes, but also because some joke to open too big cause people to panic, or change the situation become (Network). However, the joke late only to 12 at noon, this is formulated strict rules.

In 1582, the French king Charlie nine world decided to adopt Ji new reform law — the Gregorian calendar (the Gregorian calendar that is now common), in January 1st for the beginning of the year, has changed in the past in April 1st for the beginning of the new year. But some conservatives opposed this reform, still follow the old calendar on April 1st day to send new year ceremony, to celebrate the new year. Advocates of the reform to conservative these big mockery, in April 1st gave them leave to send gifts, invited them to false. From then on, people began to spread on April 1st. When a person is cheated, make fun of his people will be shouting: “April fool” (“POISSON D’AVRIL”), meaning “April practical joke”. The origin of this idiom meaning with the original is not clear.

According to British historian of the research: “April Fool” is out of the India Buddhist phrase “arrive”. But the British encyclopedia is recorded: “fool’s Day” is a religious revolution in the fifteenth Century ad after the emergence of a holiday lying. Then the King Philip II of Spain who established an “Inquisition”, as long as not a Catholic was regarded as heresy, in April 1st each year for capital punishment, which is the death penalty. Subjects were very terror, so every day to lie to make fun of for fun, to dilute the rulers of the fear and hatred. Then, follow the course of time, evolved into today’s “April Fool’s day”.

After giving birth to a child still beautiful

As a supermodel Miranda Kerr, the son of “small blossom” after a little out of shape, of course, this also and she usually just do exercise! Convex body is like coat hanger is born, especially this skirt collocation, will play the most incisive sexy, black suspenders jacket with printing half skirt, exudes elegance and noble feeling, this atmosphere is not everyone can have!
There have been two daughter Jessica Alba still maintained a good skin and slim body, striped shirt with white high waisted wide leg pants, neat clean and capable, hot nowadays loose wide leg pants, can not only modified leg type, with high heels can make legs look more tall!
Alessandra Ambrosio happy together with daughter out of the street, enjoying family, gentle naked pink knitting half sleeve, with geometric print shorts, a long proud leg, wide brim cap full of leisure resort style, and the casual dress perfect fit, long legs without modification to the high-heeled shoes the word T, a pair of sandals is enough!
Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett has a lovely son, both career and family of her dress, same product, black shirt with Black Slim N jeans, cool! Nude color coat chic and stylish, with glossy full black Oxford shoes, neutral dress up let her looks younger, black face super fan!

Cosmetics are also works of Art

Autumn beauty products have been hit, whether already listed or waiting for the listing of new products, are packed in beautiful appearance, and these design, illustration, the mainstream. The cold season so good together, you will instantly warm!

M.A.C x Antonio Lopez limited joint make-up series illustration art into the mainstream
Often illustrator cooperation and the art of M.A.C, the legendary fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez cooperation, the surging energy, not to move or retreat attitude, love and life, inspired a splashy make-up series, including 6 Color Eyeshadow, lip balm 3 color box and the powder blush, to create the perfect natural makeup and contour. In the packaging box of each product are printed on his paintings, and valuable for collection.

Each big brand launched the appearance control cosmetics cater to Asian consumption habits

Recently a survey report pointed out, Chinese has become the world’s luxury goods consumption is the first big country, of course, in cosmetics consumption ability is quite amazing. The Chinese consumers, many MM in the effect of products is not very understanding of the situation, first makes its appearance attracted. While the major cosmetics brands, to seize the market, in order to meet the spending habits of Asians, attract teenage consumers eye, have launched a look lovely dream products to stimulate consumption.
1, the Shu Uemura X Japanese artist Murakami Takashi released 2013 limited joint Christmas

Shu Uemura Shu year Uemura will find to artists, to create the one and only Christmas make-up series. This year is no exception, this is for Tokyo Art at Murakami Takashi, as the brand to create a series of upcoming animation “six Princess” theme Christmas make-up series! This series products especially in Pink Princess and the dark princess for the protagonist, representing two character per female, let every girl is the one and only belongs to myself I really beautiful.

In 2, SKINFOOD in Spanish illustrator Eva Armisen launched 2013 new limited edition

SKINFOOD for the first time with the famous Spanish artist Eva Armisen multinational cooperation, launched “love, dream, happiness” as the theme of the illustration limited edition of skin care and make-up series, with a lovely and lively girl creation, promote the happy idea, to bring art into life, love, love your skin to convey, love life. This series of products include: the beautiful play color lipstick and SKINFOOD, dear skin moisturizing body nuts series moisturizing bath milk, moisturizing body lotion, moisturizing spray, Moisturizing Hand Cream 4, body care products.

3, ANNA SUI Minnie released 2013 Christmas make-up series

ANNA SUI special cooperation with the popular cartoon star Minnie, called “One Night Only” limited series, Minnie not only in full ANNA SUI style dress to jump on the packaging of goods, and even launched a three-dimensional Minnie form a cap of nail polish, in addition the lipstick control more don’t miss carved into the form of Minnie defined lipstick; eyeshadow bow shape is lovely to be.
1, JILL STUART launched the 2013 love strawberry limited Christmas set

Like strawberry sweet lovely Christmas combination, with 4 color eye color, soft powder, jelly lip gloss and mini Mascara 4 qualified goods, and to Strawberry Cake for design inspiration, and cosmetic bags to celebrate Christmas time.

2, SOFINA AUBE 2013 Christmas magic make-up box

AUBE Couture for Christmas Limited launched the “color shaped stone, crystal combination”, respectively to the butterfly and amphibole is bright black and white two limited make-up box this year, beautiful and touching. Box consists of a lipstick and lip gloss, eye shadow three product composition, just a box, can complete the eye and lip makeup, paragraph 4 defines the color eye and lip combination, are carefully chosen, will be on the festival and party easily for you to create a wonderful makeup, drew envy eyes.