1 cup tomato juice every day Summer the prevention and treatment of freckles

Into the light ripe female age, temperament sublimes the, even the spots on her face began to “sublimation”, became much too deep.In fact as long as pay attention to maintenance, on the face of mild spot it is possible to ease or disappear!Five kinds of “drink” for you to splash water.Daily drink 1 cup tomato juice can prevention and treatment of freckles
Daily drink 1 cup tomato juice or often eat tomatoes, has good effect to prevention and treatment of freckles.Because tomatoes contain rich vitamin c, known as the “warehouse” vitamin c.Vitamin c can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so as to make the skin white tender, dark spots fade.Take rice 100 grams, fresh cucumber 300 grams, refined salt 2 grams, ginger 10 grams.Rinse cucumber, eager to peel into slices.Rice wash clean, wash ginger smash.Pan about 1000 ml of water, fire, rice, ginger, under high heat to boil, to switch to slowly cook to m lousy nowadays into the cucumber slices, again bring to a thick soup, into the refined salt to taste.Two times a day warm clothing, can moist skin, spot, reduce weight.

With taste buds memorial holiday Reveal the capital which strong dessert?

Speak of the dessert, can let you sell your soul, so few people can resist its unique charm.Whether you are happy or sad, or another dessert can always be your soul reposing, as long as it doesn’t stop the bite.Which is strong will reveal the capital dessert for you today?Version, still not quick to bowl!
“Ba fei” is the transliteration of French Parfait, have perfect, is simply water jelly ice cream.Is a kind of will in the long glass into the ice cream, fruit, cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, dessert, etc.The mini ba fei in the sanlitun has a powerful demon flavour, in combination with mango sweet, and full of fresh taste.Chocolate ba in collocation of raw materials are heavy taste, chocolate sauce do bottom hybrid corn flakes, cocoa butter and ferrero rocher top, with rich chocolate ice cream balls, middle palate is strong and rich.

Make 5 thing stylish finishing

Dressed woman on the planet is becoming more and more increasing pressure, we never thought the original wear well and can be famous or make money, in the so-called career, probably just like this.Again, to wear the star people socialite Olivia Palermo, fashion bloggers Hanneli Mustaparta and Vogue editor of France Emmauelle Alt of street snap, five good habits can make you fashionable immediately, the original details to win really makes sense.Like cooking need seasoning, deserve to act the role of the seasoning, like the whole body LOOK them for a basic LOOK to add unique “flavor”.But “trivial” they are often overlooked, so please look in the mirror carefully before going out, see the punchline is no less.Summer summer quietly in the past, leaving the flat shoes…NO, cool and refreshing is over, can peace shoes temporary farewell for a period of time.High heels can improve modeling forever, not only do they make you look more confident, also let all item match in a more harmonious.This is not request you wearing high heels every day, but in the important time must use high heels to maintain their image.

Teach you how to identify the pit dad pseudo health food, don’t fall for it!

Now with high percentage of the population increased gradually, people are more pay attention to your eating habits, there is always something that is good for your body to ensure the health, but are you sure you really know the role of the healthy food?Editor is to teach you how to identify the pit dad today as health food, don’t fall for it!Whole wheat bread is more conducive to health is known to all, because it is rich in fibre, cleaning intestinal garbage can help the human body, slow down digestion and absorption, to prevent obesity.Now a lot of places can find whole wheat bread, but if a look at the ingredients will be found that the real whole wheat bread is very little.The real whole wheat bread is out with no outside bran and wheat germ of whole wheat flour production, color is a little brown, naked eye can see a lot of small grain of wheat bran, quality of a material is rough, but with fragrance.Tofu is a to get the high quality protein, another is to obtain large amounts of calcium, but the two have very little in the Japanese tofu, although the taste is very tender, also get rid of the traditional tofu slightly bitter taste.And our traditional tofu is made from plaster and brine, is rich in calcium and magnesium, lactone tofu is made from glucose acid lactone solidifier, calcium or magnesium.Many people think that the Japanese tofu bean corruption is produced in Japan, Japanese goods appear fine, tofu is, however, between the imitation of our traditional skills, also very is all the most traditional, although look different, but the ingredients are the same.

Health food six spinach with you

In the summer, many people are using drugs to lose weight, but it is better than medicine to eat.According to American nutritionists, women had better eat more spinach, spinach can not only make you become thin, and will become more and more intelligent.
Boil the spinach
Material: spinach, dry pepper, Chinese prickly ash, salt
1, wash spinach and blanch in boiling water with salt added until done, remove and drain water
Black sesame with spinach
Ingredients: 300 g spinach, black sesame seed 1 big spoon, salt, balm, vinegar, sugar, chicken essence
1, black sesame seed into the frying pan fry fragrant;
2, stir-fry black sesame into mortar dolly will stay;
3, spinach, wash cutting blocks
4, the pot into the right amount water and half a teaspoon salt, and after the boil in a cup of cooked spinach;
6, take it out and put it in the ice water, drain first, spinach in your hands a little clutch water;
At the end of the 7, with black sesame and salt, balm, vinegar, sugar, chicken essence, will mix the spinach, plate
2, stir in a little salt
3, the pot heat oil in a dry pepper, Chinese prickly ash saute
(4), strike pour spinach and mix well.

Article N reason to liberate women breasts fashion attitude

This is a sexy time?When the model on T stage show clairvoyant outfit, you will find that they don’t wear underwear!Don’t wear a BRA now the street girl more and more, what is fashion from attitude, or a fashion NO time has come for a BRA?Don’t wear a BRA is a tide of fashion.Spice girl Victoria in both for magazine covers, commercial, or is to attend the party, night, even never wear bra when shopping.For she is not wearing a bra seems to don’t need a reason.

Love for you in cc to present their Mid-Autumn festival

Whether in the ancient legends, or in the life “I wish people for a long time, the poems, the Mid-Autumn festival has been described as shining bright, love the good old days.The Italian ice cream by hand popular in Europe, Italy exquisite manual craft, with “more natural, fresh, and healthy” for the purpose, in the Mid-Autumn festival the TA offer a blessing for you!Ice snow month series: crystal crystal clear ice hemp potato skins, brought clear moon cool greeting;Pink, green, golden yellow, pale pinkish purple, autumn food on the legend of ice.Low in calories, particularly for the sake of your health.Delicious a percentile; beauty, no discount!

A 4 the Autumn health face interview

Throughout the body to maintain, need to comply with the seasonal change of exchange, is the so-called spring, summer, autumn harvest, winterizing, the same is true with our body maintenance.Spring of all things new, suitable to drink water more, eat more fruit;Summer is all about modulation, some winter diseases such as rheumatism, asthma is appropriate modulation in the summer;Autumn is the season of harvest, accumulate through the spring and summer, we begin to harvest the results;All things winter depression, suitable to eat some tonic with kind, warm, in preparation for the coming year.Now into the autumn, the environment, factors such as temperature change, body care need for change.The following will introduce some need to pay attention to in the autumn to the maintenance of keywords.
KEY1 wind
Autumn, after eight, in September, slowly increase the temperature gap between day and night, daytime temperatures, although high, but at night is a cold breeze.Arrives in the autumn wind, therefore, it is important to work.
Greedy cool the summer, a lot of people like sleeping mat, air conditioning for a long time, the body in such an environment has gradually adapt.Seasonal change silent, and many times when we are aware of, the autumn wind already have to the body.Some chronic rheumatism, arthritis, etc., are linked to climate change, the autumn wind, the infringement.
KEY2 to dry
Dry autumn, it is our body is the most obvious change in autumn.High body temperature, dry lips thirst, the mood be agitated, loss of appetite, have a direct relationship with autumn dryness.
Autumn dry the main reason is the rain gradually reduce, the air becomes dry, the body’s internal heat become bigger.Evacuated if internal heat in the body is not very good, people will fire at the meeting, serious when still can cause other diseases.Eat pears in the autumn can effectively solve the problem of the autumn dry, still can drink bit of honey water, vitamin supplements.
Fill KEY3 bacteria
One of gastrointestinal problems, it was the season of autumn.Summer like eating cold food cold drinks, our gastrointestinal diet gradually adapted to the high temperature season.When the temperature of the cooler autumn, it’s easy to have loose bowels affected by any carelessness.
The average person, disorder of gastrointestinal problems with internal flora balance has much to do.So in this time appropriate supplementary intestinal bacteria, which can effectively alleviate stomach fall.Taste all active lactobacillus drink contains per deciliter 30 billion active lactic acid bacteria, after the meal the lactobacillus drink one hundred ml, insurable since the turn of the intestines and stomach to ride out the summer and fall.

My aunt also look better Beautiful slim to drink

Each month there is always a few days to let a person become very bad, as heavy fog shrouded the depressed, upset stomach just want to lay motionless, period of blood loss, color of skin dark heavy, acne, oily…And don’t want to talk don’t want to work just want to stay alone in the strange symptoms are the big aunt, isn’t this a couple of days we can’t open happy heart?Can’t boost mood meimei dalai caress yourself?No!Reading do, and when aunt will again next month you will find not the same as you.Study shows that women in the physiological period before and after the skin will become vulnerable and protect the barrier function is low, if you don’t do maintenance at this moment, the skin is more vulnerable to damage than usual and stimulation.Combined with the physiological period before and after due to relatively low levels of estrogen, result in higher level of androgen is, sebum secretion is more vigorous.About 70% of women feel premenstrual blain blain is aggravating.

European royal girlies Luxury love story of ham

Chinese as a tool for processing the pork with smoke and fire, and with the Chinese words “ham”, in Europe, European ham neither smoke, also need not fire, but only salt.Pig slaughter, take its leg, its salt, and then long curing, drying in the cellar.If you are a “top predator”, then the European ham must make you can’t resist!Sweet soft and delicate, it is not so salty, Chinese ham instead is a hint of sweetness.Western-style ham usage is multifarious also, but the right snacks, can be used to cook soup, can be used to fry an egg pancakes, can clip in the bread to eat…
Speaking of ham, is perhaps the most familiar Italian ham.Italy produced ham, almost every city has its own brand, but the top is northern Italian parma is unique in the province of parma ham.”Ham” in Chinese translated into European ham, ham and China look a little genetic relationship, but it should not be called “ham” “ham”.