European royal girlies Luxury love story of ham

Chinese as a tool for processing the pork with smoke and fire, and with the Chinese words “ham”, in Europe, European ham neither smoke, also need not fire, but only salt.Pig slaughter, take its leg, its salt, and then long curing, drying in the cellar.If you are a “top predator”, then the European ham must make you can’t resist!Sweet soft and delicate, it is not so salty, Chinese ham instead is a hint of sweetness.Western-style ham usage is multifarious also, but the right snacks, can be used to cook soup, can be used to fry an egg pancakes, can clip in the bread to eat…
Speaking of ham, is perhaps the most familiar Italian ham.Italy produced ham, almost every city has its own brand, but the top is northern Italian parma is unique in the province of parma ham.”Ham” in Chinese translated into European ham, ham and China look a little genetic relationship, but it should not be called “ham” “ham”.

Spring 8 kind of food to eat out of great beauty

Spring, in spring, the prosperity of all things, lively, also is the human body physiology and metabolism of the most active period.However, spring rain, continuous wet weather, soil, climate is not very stable, easy to catch a cold.What to eat after the spring begins the keeping in good health?
Diet have a lot of circulated about spring, Chinese medicine also has a lot of exquisite, commonly known as the “spring”.Eat these food after spring, will be great help for our body.Chinese ancient famous doctor sun simiao said: “spring appropriate province acid is added, in a temper.”Mean, spring should eat less acid, eat more sweet.TCM holds that the spring for diseases with exuberant, feed more sour food can make excessive liver qi and damage the spleen and stomach, so should eat less acidity food.And people more outdoor activities in spring than in the winter, the energy consumption is bigger, need to increase in the number of calories.But at the moment, the spleen and stomach weak, gastrointestinal digestion ability is bad, not eat greasy meat, therefore, the heat can be appropriately supplied from sweets.Red jujube spring that blindly raise spleen.

The classical collocation of dessert wine with four

Dessert is called wine, help to smooth the postprandial buds of stimulation, make after the meal taste gradually slow down, but to the plain taste can also enriched must master the law of the following wine with sweet, to keep the delicious.This is a typical flavor to cooperate to the idea of balance.In the flavor of the two extreme sense, injected a lie somewhere in between, balanced hedge each other, at the same time make drab 1:1 ratio more levels of triangle circle.
This is an adaptation of Africa’s traditional desserts, banana in the fire of coals and excess water evaporation, concentration of sugar, infiltration in the pulp fiber, the cavernous with fresh avocado honey breaking of ice cream, is a completely naked original taste sensation.With its fellow like wine, the wine itself unique smooth physique, such as chain that links the two extreme properties of banana and avocado ice cream, like fruit nearly as sweet but with a little milk Nuts bitter taste, seems almost perfect balance of the desserts at the same time, also can sublimate the overall tension.

asparagus Belong to the spring green food

Asparagus is able to bring our table a fresh taste. Whether collocation is a rich cream sauce, or light orange sauce, asparagus always produce different delicate taste. Enjoy the delicious spring asparagus, it is quite appropriate and wise choice. When fresh asparagus and when a crash in a piece of caramel, tastes very strange. Put the dish out of the oven, full-bodied fennel, orange with slightly burnt meat aroma fragrance waft in the air, edible when needed a bit of sweet orange, taste more sweet. Add asparagus in bacon and egg sandwich, bright, avocados, asparagus on the Fried eggs seemingly casual shakedown, attractive colours. In order to keep the taste, a little water blanch asparagus is just cooked.

Deep Fried: we’re just more honest

There are two kinds of people in the world: a kind of like Fried food; A kind of not to admit that you like Fried food. Let’s accept reality, no one can refuse to so much oil.Deep Fried many attractive things: nearly 200 degrees of oil heat transfer effect is better than other media;Food on the surface of the water evaporated quickly, which makes food become brittle scary;But the food inside the water and no chance to escape, they blocked within the food – this makes the characteristics of the Fried food appetizing: outside the coke in tender!Deep fry the caramelization and reaction were also let food with golden attractive appearance.Finally, some deep Fried food is absorbed, well, a lot of oil, which let them smell especially.Not encourage the unhealthy diet life, I have just more honest!

“Shock” beer euro HIGH turn over night

European championship is coming, the expansion of the blood also follow to the night.Drinking beer while watching European championship side should be the best!The whole some beer, cold dish that is a must!With family or friends around, to cheer for the teams best B power in the heart, this is the passion of the fans of football night, is the version of gourmet carnival!As one of the world’s oldest drink, beer history can be traced back to about 8000 years ago.As from a piece of bread accidentally fell into the water after fermentation of alcoholic beverages, beer because of its unique taste, and simple liquor-making raw materials, water, hops, yeast, and can provide a stable source of starch grain – quickly became a global beverage.

Leaves fall season and bacteria

“Color such as lantern as honey, slippery Chun silk no acerbity. Nail umbrella as dai li sheng dai li, incense to keep teeth musk and. Song lamb to disappear chicken XiJi avoidance, meal jade mushroom cheese but when grain.”Song dynasty poets compose the ceiling for the love of the fungus mushroom, the mushroom “a poem of fungus mushrooms all praise.Mountain forest xiuse produced all kinds of fungus, mushrooms, since ancient times are loved.During late summer or early autumn, the fungus mushrooms are condensed to the taste of the mountains into the attending, a tongue, sweet, could not help but praise: food bacteria season is coming!”On the tip of the tongue of China” starts with tricholoma matsutake, was guess the producer for the fungus mushroom’s favorite.Choose from jiangshan China blindly can not only conform to the standard of exotic, have mysterious ingredients again, perhaps this will be the.Content remained expensive and tricholoma matsutake is difficult to keep fresh, the tooth cheek between bloom delicious moment, as if is the meaning of tricholoma matsutake and other fungus mushroom growth.

The cool autumn Healthy eating crab trilogy

Goldwind, the cool autumn crab is fat, eat crab is autumn a great fun.But the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, crab is cold, not everyone is suitable for consumption.Therefore, understand before eat crab crab related small common sense, can appetite at the same time, can also be healthy.Crab is cold, and contains a lot of protein and cholesterol, for those who taste xu han, chronic gastritis, ulcers, gastrointestinal disease, suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular disease and patients with a cold or the flu, eat crab tends to make the aggravating illness, these people should eat less or don’t eat crab.Eat crab “with” little ginger, ginger can enhance and accelerate blood circulation, stimulate secretion of gastric juice, the warm, can fill and sex cold crabmeat phase.If you accidentally eat the raw crabs thoroughly, medicinal components of ginger can also help kill residual bacteria in crabs.When to eat crabs, can prepare some ginger, ginger silk at the end of the stir in vinegar dish, dip in with crab meat to eat.

Michelin restaurant under New York is the most delicious

2013 Michelin guide Michelin ‘s 2013 guide under, a total of 66 restaurants in New York City to pick a star, once again become one of the most delicious cities in the world.The 66 restaurants, there are seven obtain 3 star’s highest honor, Michelin guide gives the “transcendental cooking skills Worth to visit “evaluation.These restaurants are: western restaurant Chef ‘s Table at Brooklyn Fare, French restaurant Daniel and Masa Le Bernardin, Japanese cuisine, three beautiful restaurant 7-eleven’s Madison Park, Jean Georges and Per Se.