Seven kinds of food and drink in the Help you increase your resistance

According to the world health organization health standards, 70% of the world’s population was in a state of sub-health.Slightly do not pay attention to these people will be entering a foot disease of heart head blood-vessel, gastrointestinal diseases, cancer and other serious illnesses.So how to effectively prevent inferior health, have a happy life?And come to see us recommended “panacea” for everybody!
In winter and spring season, the climate is dry, add the body lack of conditioning, irritated easily occur in the upper respiratory tract.In fact can be appropriately used in winter and spring season tea to send a fire.Is contained in tea saponin can effectively resist the inflammation of the body, and like all kinds of scented tea, such as chrysanthemum tea, sunflower has qingrejiedu, the effect of annealing.
Recommendation: sichuan tea, the British royal family has been in use for three centuries of imperial tea is not only the delicious fruity drinks, can let a person without block defect again, can have good color!
Fat not guilty, but this is definitely not a state of health.See the abdominal fat, don’t only think about a diet.Want to know, flesh and the body’s metabolism are closely linked – drinking appropriately, can promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the body, so that excess body fat get normal timely resolution.So, if you have too much body fat, might as well drink vodka!
Recommendation: French grey goose vodka, the classic flavor of vodka, sweet and sour taste just right, give you a romantic and beautiful experience!

Milk is irreplaceable and beauty

When the world is no longer safe, we can only seek for self-salvation, although we can’t decide everything around him, but at least we can do it more clearly.On dairy products, even more so.Overall, the breast class is a complete, easy to digest absorb nutrients, high nutritional value of natural food, mainly provides high quality protein, calcium and vitamins.This is a kind of human for us to make great contributions to the nutrition of food.
We need milk?
Whether the western countries, or eastern countries, why do people similar to milk in Chinese physical essential food?Milk has what good?We need milk is need it provides us with what nutrition?Yes, the protein.
We every day (including milk) protein from food and protein in the gastrointestinal tract by pepsin, trypsin and chymotrypsin and carboxypeptidase enzymes, was eventually broken down into amino acids, and then absorbed by the body of the small intestinal mucosa epithelial cells.Amino acids are fundamental to the structure of the human body, the energy of the basic elements, is also constitute the basic unit of protein, and protein is formed various body organs and tissues of raw materials, is also the main components of the various kinds of hormones in the body, still can regulate a variety of physiological functions, because we have 60 trillion cells, the body has 500000 cells per second in death, only constantly supplement protein of every cell to maintain normal metabolism.We can say that we don’t have a place of human body does not need protein.
And high quality source of protein in milk is the natural food, rich full of casein, albumin, globulin, milk protein, contains more than 20 amino acids are essential 8 kinds of amino acids.Protein and milk protein is the whole, the digestion rate is as high as 98%, digestion rate than meat, eggs, fish, rice and so on to provide protein are much faster.A liter of milk contains protein can completely satisfy the essential amino acids needed for an adult day.This is the main reason we need milk.What’s more, the calcium in milk in natural food is the most easily absorbed by the body, and generally lack of calcium in our diet.

5 dress up to let him go heart estrogen for you

Sweet tender girl attractive to men always have a strange, want the people to protect her, not a natural born love.Do you know what skin characteristics are such a girl?How to dress up makeup, hair to pour his electricity?5 dress up for you to choose from, plus dia dia tone will let him darling kneel under your skirt.Warm chestnut brown hair color look warm sunshine, bang place with make up a small plait clamp fixed to the forehead, make seemingly ordinary style of novel!White and transparent bottom makeup must not be less, and be sure to color with neck, hand skin.Peach pink blush and nail foil a feminine temperament like a girl, how could he do not love you?Lateral wave hair is always great with heart-throb aura, even deadpan suction eye can also succeed.Slightly orange is a colour makeup echo warm brown hair color not only, also can the cold look smooth add a few minutes of bright and beautiful colors.Eye shadow, blush, lipstick, nail a coral harmony color, in the set off of white tender skin texture!Small smoked metallic + word bushy eyebrows let little girl instantly goddess, eye end strengthen the shadow and brighten eyes drawing make eyes stereo feeling.Naked color lip makeup and bottom makeup perfect render, filled the earth color temptation of makeup look is suitable for this winter!The more the more look be like casual dress up, can let he love at first sight!Full of sense of air on the top of the head with a sparkling clip ornament, lovely little girl is so true nature.Loosely inclined in a side shoulder plait, eye end and the peach blush rose let you suddenly back to girlhood.Casual make long hair behind, depress the comb is also show temperament!Orange color eye shadow, blush, lipstick, nail surface will set off the skin more white and ruddy, leather braided hair band is also very delicate and able to bear or endure look, the unique traditional the spell able temperament of women.

5 kinds of natural food Help women anti-aging easily

To understand the cause of aging, then from the diet, eat more natural organic food, nature can be added to the human body needed nutrients and enzymes.
Millet is the biggest effect to treat indigestion, because the millet is very easy to digest food, and easy to be absorbed by human body, promote sleep at the same time produce serotonin secretion, its fiber is gentle, is very effective on treating constipation and insomnia.Suitable for detoxification beauty effect, also can have clear heat diuretic effects.
Barley rice
Yi will help to promote the effect of the diuresis detumescence, it is the best detoxification st., commonly used to whiten and improve edema, at the same time also helps the immune and cholesterol-lowering effect.If you have high cholesterol, daily intake of 60 grams of yi, can let a significantly lower blood cholesterol.

The lattice elements play together happily

Plaid shirt to create fashionable young women’s wardrobe is regular.Such a design is simple and classic style of the joker sheet is tasted, in various fabrics comfortable wear feeling.Flannel shirt during the season, match case grain element, as a motorcycle jacket, woolen cloth coat or down jacket in the build, is very attractive option.

Deckard leung means standing 2010 regional gourmet tour of Italy

Due to the difference of regional Italian food, reflect the different characteristics of each region also have their own specialties of proud.In 2010, the regent hotel Beijing deckard Italian restaurant chef Mario careful cooking for you 12 district features from Italy, surprise you month experience, enjoy the feeling.
- the Tuscan cuisine month of may
The regent hotel Beijing deckard bo Italian restaurant to launch the Tuscan cuisine and wine month.Michelin star chef Mario selects the Tuscan high quality natural ingredients, elaborate, present a series features delicacies.
The most beautiful parts of the Tuscan from Italy, because of is famous for its beautiful scenery and rich artistic heritage.Have a passion for art people with great enthusiasm also created many Italian cuisine is famous in the world.In deckard bo in the dining room window to sit, appreciate each from distant region of Italian delicious;Just spit out green garden outside the window, and in the warmth of the sun, it is tempting intent with in Tuscany in the medieval old town leisureliness silently walk.
Dishes with recommendation: pasta with duck sauce
About the Italian restaurant
Deckard Po restaurant is located in the regent hotel Beijing on the second floor, is one of the main Italian restaurant, this Italian restaurant is permeated with romantic exotic taste fine dining is the first choice.
Modern design style to create a full-bodied Italian amorous feelings, numerous flavors, both innovates delicious lunch, is not without real formal elaborate dinner.Modern fashion design style to create perfect charming sensory experience, lively and relaxed tonal with natural wood grain soft color is complement each other, elegant and full of artistic atmosphere, foil the exotic Italian style.At the same time, the sofa of tender, streamlined exquisite tableware, detail place reveals the meticulous care;Through large glass curtain wall can also be overlooking the garden the lobby lounge, is an ideal place to enjoy delicate lunch and a big dinner.
Deckard, Italian restaurant, with its excellent quality has won several awards, such as the United States in 2009 “the hotel” Chinese version of “China’s annual hotel selection” won the best restaurant in China in the top 10 and 2009 weekend illustrated map of gourmet restaurant of the year the selection of the restaurant of the year award, and “That ‘s Beijing” in 2008 the annual selection of the most delicious pizza restaurant readers and the best service.

Don’t say you don’t lose weight Summer will see slimming diets

First name: apple heat material 200000 kilojoules / 100 g (50 100 kcal/g) apple can make people’s digestive system to get sufficient rest, recover its original function, make the function to work properly;Apple lose weight reduce the body of the calories consumed, insufficient part need to savings of heat supply in the body.
The so-called savings of calories the body fat.Body fat consume, naturally, people have to lose weight;Apple lose weight and improve the function of the digestive system.
Little common sense Eat an apple not spit the apple peel
Most of apple pectin gathered near the leather and leather.Pectin is not only can increase the quantity, also can absorb the moisture in diarrhea, make defecate keep a certain hardness.So don’t peel constipation eat apple.
Had cut down the apple skin is more effective.

Honey maccha yogurt omelet

A sunny afternoon, friends sitting together, warm warm sunshine is aspersed in the body, drink tea, chat, really is happy!Well, etc…!See here do you think what’s missing?
Yes, it is less a delicious afternoon tea!Want to prepare a afternoon tea light heart actually not difficult at all!Soon to share with you my one small step for a simple way, when you picked up a small baked together snacks, at that moment, just know what call for your pet.

Nine World Cup healthy dish the ball don’t eat fast food

The World Cup in full swing, stay up late to watch the body injury, want to care about he didn’t find a good method?Try the indefinite fast food, gave him a a best suited to stay up late on the World Cup of preserve one’s health food.
Tibet yak meat
Raw material: 600 g yak row, green radish 200 grams.
Spices: salt, sugar, ginger, dry pepper, Chinese prickly ash, o 5 grams, fresh milk, coriander, old red incense spicy beef paste (adding suitable amount of hot girl).
1. Yak row first cut into single pieces, and then chop 6 cm of small, with warm water net blood (as the case in water 3 ~ 5 times), blanch broken drain first.
2. Hot pot into the oil, stir-fry ginger slices, yak and pour into the pressure cooker, add water, and let dry chili, pepper and sugar to taste, cover for about 30 minutes turn off the heat, not open for natural cooling (meat natural contraction will be more crisp rotten).
3. Green radish peel cut into 2 cm thick slices, scoop of beef broth, cooked in the pot, add milk, with parsley.
Recommended reason: more than 3800 meters above sea level of the roof of the world – from qinghai-tibet plateau yak, with high protein, low fat, low quantity of heat, rich in a variety of amino acids and other characteristics, nutritional value is 10 times of ordinary beef, entrance elastic, meaty more aromatic.Is a good choice of the men to keep fit.

To watch the World Cup final battle to drink less beer health

The World Cup finals draws near, many fans will choose to drink while watching the way football feast to celebrate this 4 years a reincarnation, but beer has 10 big taboo, we must look ahead!
1, unfavorable eat smoked food
Drink beer after the lead levels in the blood increases, lead to the harmful material and smoked food combination of carcinogens.
2, unfavorable feed with seafood
Data shows, eat seafood to drink a lot of beer can cause gout disease, prone to urinary stones.Reason is that in the seafood rich in purines, nucleoside acid two ingredients, rich in vitamin b1 in beer is the two important catalyst composition catabolism, raises uric acid levels in the blood.
Once the uric acid is not out of the body in time, they are in the form of sodium salt deposition, gout or stone formation.