Into the Seoul to enjoy a cup of coffee with Korean

After huge coffee culture spread to the han river north and south, Seoul surpass the number of coffee shops in Manhattan, New York, become the eastern city of “coffee”.Let’s go into the cafe, Seoul feel unique coffee culture in South Korea.South Korea in April, the cherry blossom orchid blossom, Seoul coffee shops along the street to pull up the shutter, let the petals and sunshine is aspersed wantonly into the store.Neighborhood and university leave the flavour of the coffee shop on the road, but also attracted the new and old passer-by in Seoul.
For south koreans are so in love coffee, the coffee history will have to mention South Korea.Way there are many legends about coffee spread to South Korea, one of the most credible is b without incident occurred in 1895, the emperor emperor at large to the Russian embassy in infatuation with the flavor of the coffee, so now and then back to the palace in Seoul’s longevity palace new built western style “porch” silently, taste coffee there.In the meantime, serve The emperor emperor tasting coffee germans Sontag on the conferment of 184 square meters of land built two floors of the hotel, and on the second floor selling coffee, this is South Korea’s first coffee shop.

Nine kinds of food Body fat burning very quickly

Is a kind of herbaceous plants, the roots after peeling, dry ground into powder, processing can be made into konjac food again, including desserts, noodles and vegetarian meat, etc.Konjac almost zero calories, and contains no fat, but contains rich fiber, can be in intestinal tract to absorb moisture, easy to feel full after eating, eating more will not be afraid.Konjac is water soluble fiber, for the body to absorb after can prevent intestinal bacteria breeding, and guide them out, so have to gastrointestinal scavenger of reputation.
A medium sized tomatoes, only 40 calories, equivalent to one 5 of a bowl of rice.Tomato itself has thirst thirst, jianwei xiaoshi, qingrejiedu, the effect of lowering blood pressure.And tomatoes and easy to make the person has full abdomen feeling, food fiber in intestinal can absorb excess fat, fat and defecate eduction.Tomatoes are rich in vitamin B group, can promote the metabolism of fat.Before eating tomatoes, a fat burning.
Nine kinds of food Body fat burning very quickly

Gisele Bundchen endorsement America sports brand Under Armour

The 34 year old Giselle in the new ad campaign, wearing a sports bra and tights, in The sweat runs down like raindrops. boxing show their graceful posture and enjoy the joy of movement.

But on her remarks will come one after another. Said in a news release announcing: “doing this advertisement from the Giselle, the outside world mixed. But the starting point of our company is hoping to show the other side she left T, burst into her inner potential.”

The new Gangjie open sweet style

This session of the selected from 16 since the strong has been like Scarlett quality high, compared with the previous years were the top three slot in a complete mess, save a lot of face this year’s top three really “Gangjie”.

A new session of the Miss Hong Kong to miss friendship Shao Peishi won the championship title and successfully ended, and Wang Zhuoqi, He Yanjuan were caught, the third sub.

On stage they smile, bright pink, beautiful appearance with elegant temperament, very lovingly pathetic.

Constitution Day

This is a legal holiday in Denmark, in honor of l849 first adopted in the Danish constitution. This day since the Danish flag flying everywhere, politicians are out speeches. Promote their political views, voters are carefree and content to sit on the grass to rest, enjoy the constitutional right to freedom brought to them.

The kingdom of Denmark (Danish: KongerigetDanmark) is the Scandinavian area in a national minimum, is located in the northern part of Jutland and nearby islands. The south side is on the verge of Germany, Beihai and the Baltic Sea north of the Atlantic. Sweden and Norway are located in the north of Denmark and northwest, and Denmark across the sea.

June 5th each year is a legal holiday in Denmark, in honor of l849 first adopted in the Danish constitution. This day since the Danish flag flying everywhere, politicians are out speeches. Promote their political views, voters are carefree and content to sit on the grass to rest, enjoy the constitutional right to freedom brought to them.

Denmark enacted its first constitution in June 5, 1849. This constitution is the European bourgeois revolution in nineteenth Century 40 time tide affects the Danish product, it marks the beginning of the Danish monarchy ended and the king and the government, the parliament of shared power. It has been amended several times, but the basic principles are unchanged, is the cornerstone of today’s Danish monarchy and democracy.

Come Mai constitution promulgated has changed four times. The first amendment is in 1866, on the structure of the upper house of Parliament has been adjusted and expanded; the second amendment in 1915, expanding the citizens the right to vote, allowing equality for women and men to participate in the election, abolished the privileges of the nobility; the third amendment in 1920, the method of election of Parliament were modified and added, and determine the southern Jutland Denmark belonging; were last revised in 1953, abolished the upper house of Parliament, the parliament is a unicameral and regulations change, women can inherit the throne. Therefore, the Danes in the 1953 amendments to the constitution is the law.

Provisions of the basic provisions of the constitution of Denmark, each over 18 Danish citizens have the right to vote on election day way to participate in the national management; the king and the parliament has legislative power, the king has administrative rights, the court has jurisdiction, implementation measures, all laws by the Parliament and the, but only after the king signed the order to become law, the king will be the administrative power to the cabinet members, the cabinet into the country responsible to parliament. The king himself has no political power, but also does not assume the obligation.

The Danish constitution, if the content of the Constitution be amended and supplemented, it must be the national referendum.

June 5th is the day Denmark statutory holidays, people to fly the national flag to celebrate. All the party leaders will speak, people will gather gathering in the park, talking about politics.

The comparison of Chinese and Japanese diet culture

Chinese on Japanese culture feeling, like the man and man or woman to woman, there is a similar sense. The Oriental world, no other countries like Japan have such a deep culture of blood. Have not been to Japan Chinese unsuspectingly, mostly, the Chinese culture as a “mother culture”, the Japanese culture as a sub culture “”. Chinese culture is chicken, Japanese culture is the egg. Chinese why again to the Japanese see! This is really a big misunderstanding, but also the big misunderstanding.

Japanese culture in the lactation period, did the early strong full Chinese cultural body gobbled sucked the milk, but as early as 1000 years ago, “the era of peace”, Japan will be enormous Chinese culture in their strong stomach digestion, forming a matchless, filled with Yamato the spirit of Japanese culture. As an important part of Japanese culture, is the “food culture”.

The Japanese cuisine is characterized by the largest fresh seafood. Surrounded by the sea, more than 4000 islands of the Japanese archipelago, mild climate, four distinct seasons, have be richly endowed by nature of fresh seafood, so to develop their own marine dishes, local brew is cooking. At the same time, because Japan is an island country, coupled with the lack of resources, and no border in the collar, the natural environment, the crisis consciousness strong, always afraid of in case of what natural calamities and man-made misfortunes to spend, the Japanese national extinction. Therefore, the intermediate culture to Japanese some Chinese came to explain for the Japanese style, such as crude and careless “kill” this idiom, Japanese for “oil broken gate, they understand: no oil (the oil off), the enemy is upon us, there will be unexpected encounter. Therefore Japanese think, not like China that every meal oil to cook, to cherish oil, fuel efficient, live to peace. Therefore Japan as far as possible without or less oil cooking dishes, in the course of time development with delicate fresh for the Japanese dishes for the mainstream.

China food exquisite “color, aroma, taste”, Japanese food exquisite “color, shape, taste”. Become a “form” word, the Japanese diet culture characteristics of it. Japanese food does not pay attention to what you eat out, but pays attention to “shape”, so that the Japanese cuisine is used for the eyes. This is consistent with the situation in japan. Japanese ground is narrow small and large population, protection, no damage to the natural landscape is the custom since ancient times. Japanese are always hundred-percent heritage of their ancestors left us. In the eating environment, everywhere is brimming with the reserved but still let people the United States can not be ignored. And the importance of the history of ancient Japanese is the diet without leakage inherited to. Therefore, cooking out of the food is as a bunch of flowers in the natural scenery, to adorn the life of people.

What our life will have memory

In the age of 40, looking back, suddenly found, to our own experience some fuzzy, those deeply printed in my mind was something not many. And there are so many things have become far away, even far away from me.

Once the lad, a former Youth trouble; once Hanchuang studying, once sadness and confusion; once the young and frivolous, once enormously proud of one’s success; once lofty, deep feeling once. All have already left me behind, trying to catch them, no matter how embarrassing and painful, but it is no longer.

Some things in life are not violated.

If a person was born, will eventually go away; as long as there is a feeling of joy, accompanied by pain; you have a good friend at the same time, will build more enemies, even when the enemy is also very respect for you; my family will eventually leave, whether you have loved much; there is always some regret. Whatever you think, how thoughtful, how much you self-confidence; no matter how brilliant, many artists, this will eventually past!

Material things, let a person very easily satisfied, satisfaction at the same time also makes people lose the chance to enjoy meeting. The youth we, delicious, fun than days, toy is never enough. Now we make money, never too much, again good toys are no longer let us excited to fall asleep.

Yesterday’s many mistakes, awkward or even lose face things, today it has become our chat to talk chips, once the discomfort today still exist some proud. A few days ago our schoolmate at college party, during the view female classmate has been gentle beautiful even once we had the big character posters of the initiator of evil, it let me by surprise! You know, things like this that we boys do not dare to do, really admire them! But at the same time, was also accompanied by a hint of envy and regret, envy them once young and frivolous, regret their own too observant of conventional standards.

Give life to leave memory and not the brilliant and splendid, more is the life of frustrations and setbacks. Truly brilliant and brilliant is associated in wheting, therefore, bold to follow your own heart! Don’t let the years later he is well behaved child’s dull life as a regret. Memory is always deeply imprinted on the unusual experience, give yourself a remarkable memory chance!

Western traditional festival Carnival custom

Europe and South America that people celebrate carnival. But around the celebration of the festival is not the same date, generally most of countries in the mid to late 2 celebrations. Carnival countries are distinctive, but in general, are known for unbridled Zongjiu drink with music. One of the most famous is the Brazil carnival.

The festival is a short span of four days, but as early as one or two months before the festival, Brazil each big city and community groups began preparations to celebrate the holiday. The main street of the city is also an early holiday array, on both sides of the street stand up tall, Rio De Janeiro stands the best box price is high amounted to more than 1000 dollars, but by the early sold.

The four days of carnival, Carnival swept the whole of Brazil, people of all ages and both sexes Phi hung Gualv, UIP strong hand, now singing, now dancing, the breaching of the dike flood street. The market in addition to pharmacies, hospitals and bar, factories, stores are closing, the school holidays, true it may be said “who do not belong to who, who don’t care who”. The rich gold and jade ornaments It goes without saying that is poor, ride to slightly the locker, knock the empty cans, jingle bells local inputs Carnival crowd, as if not rave about once a year, will have no good luck. People forget the rich and the poor, forget the worries and troubles, forget the tension and fatigue, only joy and. At this time, up and down the country, with no distinction, regardless of race, color, like a blossoming waves of joy into a sea of joy. The jolly mood also infects from foreign travelers, many foreigners would be overcome by one’s feelings into it.

The most enthusiastic, tense, happy to the number of the samba. From sixteenth Century onwards, originating in the west coast Africa Samba with slaves to Brazil, it absorbs the Portuguese and Indian music and dance art style, evolved into Brazil samba. Samba, every muscle dancers in the jitter, which is different from the general sing merrily and dance gracefully. As early as in 1928, Rio de Janeiro appeared called “samba school” performance group. From that time to the present, “samba school” has been Rio de Janeiro Carnival Samba dance hero. In the months before the carnival Festival, the Samba dance group will shoot in dance, music, self unique costumes and floats, carefully selected rehearsal, be trained with regularity dance “King” and “queen”.

The samba parade, led by open players surrounded by their own group name and logo, the parade “by the person in charge, the composer and the float design, protagonist. They trim wearing a dress, smiling frequently to the surrounding crowd waved. Followed by is gorgeously dressed, colorful women’s parade. They are dressed in beautiful wide swing dress, some wearing feather cap, also some facial mask. Women’s parade on both sides or around is hundreds of men’s percussion band, musicians dressed by the countless metal inlaid into the underwear, in brilliant sunshine gleaming. They be jubilant to beating drums and blowing trumpets truly exciting. Then is the float and the samba team, floats stood has been selected as the “King” and “Queen” of the handsome boys and pretty girls, they face a smile to people frequently threw a kiss. It is to let a person tread the samba team, dancers in costume, zhengfangdouyan, along with dance, sing and dance, this is a waist, buttocks, abdomen severe jitter greatly swing dance. Dancer in high spirit, the viewer as crazy like to stay, no matter is the dancer or viewer, people forget all the troubles, forget the name, forget to eat and drink, the warm degree of obsession almost crazy.

Japanese tempura fried method

Tempura is Japanese cuisine in the fried food, flour, egg and water and slurry, fresh fish and vegetables wrapped sizing into the pan fried into a golden yellow, eat soy sauce and radish tune into the juice, fresh and delicious, sweet but not greasy. The name is not a specific dishes, but the fried food. And the specific species are vegetable tempura, seafood tempura, assorted tempura etc..

In Japanese cuisine, with the batter fried dish called tempura. Lunch, dinner has food. Tempura cooking method is derived from Chinese, name from Holland, about 150 years of history. Tempura cooking method is the key of production of batter. Tempura in egg batter for most, mixture called tempura Troy, making the surface coat with flour, Japanese name is Bo Li powder. Gluten flour is less. The batter to make out Hanging noodles thin and crisp tempura. The summer transfer. Water is the best ice.

A variety of deep fried tempura. The most common is the egg batter, and fried spring, gold and fried, fried diligently, rocky side fried, fried and other Bodo (mainly face paste or different plus some side dishes). Tempura made a total of three criteria: hanging paste to thin, Lek oil to the net, be crispy.

More oil can be fried tempura, used to be the sesame oil, cotton seed oil, soybean oil, now with peanut oil or salad oil, sesame oil, cotton seed oil, because oil flavor, will affect the raw flavor. But the salad oil is light taste, but the smell is insufficient, so many restaurants will sesame and salad oil mix, general sesame oil and salad oil ratio is 20:80. Frying temperature is the key to making tempura. Because the paste concentration, low temperature will de paste, high temperature will make the material zoom, so must be the oil temperature control in 175 ~ 180 degrees, and adjust the temperature range according to how much raw material delivery. Each finished a batch of raw materials after the bombing, will fall in the pot broken paste fish clean, up to 175 ~ 180 ℃ in oil, then put the material into the fried. Sometimes the shape of the raw material is small, one fried more trouble, the mold can use a flat raw material and paste are placed into the oil to fry, fish out into a round cake.

Mulberry released Carla Devoy’s bag

Britain’s top leather products of mulberry (Mulberry) on sale in September 1st, Cara Diwayi (Cara Delevingne) the same series of bag is empty except for one.

Since 2012 at London Fashion Week, Carla Devoy’s popularity is rising rapidly, and now has become the most popular new generation model. Mulberry Cara’s series. This release is to seize the opportunities. It is reported, although each bag of expensive (up to 2500 pounds, or about 25043 yuan), consumers are still out of stock back up, the current booking orders has over 1000 pieces.

This is not the star bag a so good the first time. In early 2009, with the famous British model, host Ai Li Shan Chung (Alexa Chung) series of bags with the same name also triggered panic buying craze, and out of a pre orders of up to more than 9000 records.