Focus on dietary health.

Grain-based, focusing on dietary health. Is grain-based, less meat and more grains, supplemented by vegetables, this is a typical meal structure. Where rice is the staple food, rice and vegetables are in order, that help rice swallow. Chinese people are very focused on diet nutrition and health, nutrition advocate with a reasonable, balanced diet, through the deployment of edible grains, five fruits, five animals, five dishes smell, function different foods, in order to achieve a balance of yin and yang, organs coordinate, complement Jing Qi, Yang Shen fitness purposes. As early as the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius proposed the “food is too refined, cuisine is too small” diet concept, and also outlines the ten “do not eat” and pay attention to hygiene, compliance season, pay attention to nutrition, dietary restraint laws, but the amount of science . Westerners focus on science diet, pay attention to food preparation to act strictly in accordance with scientific standards, require precise amount of spices added to the gram, the cooking time is accurate to the second, which makes the kitchen like a chemical laboratory, and the taste of steak from New York to San Francisco indistinguishable.

Leaves are beautiful

Autumnal Equinox bleak, piles of leaves, autumn has quietly came to our side, she quietly bring us fruit. Fall, a golden season, farmers are busy harvesting crops, swallows excitedly flew to the south, but no one has been quiet dedication note on the roadside poplar. He has now grow new leaves, for people to herald the arrival of spring, summer, what he leafy block the hot sun for the people, but to the fall, the leaves change from green to yellow, a piece of falling from the branches, no one had noticed him, silently, which is deciduous.
Autumn came, this end of his life, he waited for a winter, spring and summer to wait until returning to his glory bloom, autumn retired veterans like him, slowly falling from the trees, but they are for the next generation opened a good start, so that they succeed generation generation, has been quietly put their youth to the whole world.
Golden leaves on the floor at that moment, I suddenly think they are beautiful, than a doll, girl, lady are beautiful doll with her cute little face in the hearts of little girls occupy a beautiful word, beautiful girl with her beautiful face in the eyes of the boys occupy a beautiful word, lady with her countless money in the eyes of the poor occupy a beautiful word. Perhaps you will say: “Why did you choose deciduous it?
? “I chose leaves because his spirit is uncommon, although he did not fit beautiful face and figure, but he also unknown spirit.
Deciduous beauty is perhaps the moment he landed, at that moment, he was the best, because he has a point of duty in the Holy Spirit inspired him.
Spring, new leaves and long out, they in turn take over a role of the Holy Spirit, a beautiful beginning.

Let us cherish life!

Let us struggle together! Life is a strong will; life is indomitable spirit up; life is only once. Grasp now, with the future.
Let us cherish life! Cherish life, is to cherish life in a handful of limited time, in limited time to open up the courage to go; cherish life, cherish family relation, because the family is the birth of our Cradle of Life; cherish life, it should cherish precious friendship, because friendship is the driving force of life.

True fashion is clothing, text, artistic beauty of the carrier.

True fashion is clothing, text, artistic beauty of the carrier, is the human heart strive for better quality. The Martian, can only be called a pseudo-non-mainstream fashion, a group of people favor, not a mass of fans. True fashion after years of grinding eventually will become a classic, but a pseudo fashion will eventually disappear because there is no connotation, as the eyes of the world.
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The fashion of the text.

Unlike clothing, although the text has a lightning change, but also the stigma of being branded fashion. “90″ advocating a “Martian” is the best example. As a “90″, when I see those Martian, the first feeling to read hard, and then feel very funny, and finally there is a resentment hate to see, I like the simple word has connotations dripping dirty thoughts, understand why someone like clutter under the idiotic idea tiled text, this is not very sick right? Some fear Martian affect the purity of Chinese characters, Chinese characters are not afraid of threats as I say challenge, a real classic is not afraid of what Hengzhi distal give birth on social disturb it, is a classic in people’s minds forever eternal fire groups are those walking in passing pseudo-fashion is not par.

Chinese diet

The Chinese diet has its unique charm, the key lies in its taste exquisite. And delicious produce, is mainly five reconcile. At the same time, the pursuit of color, smell and taste, shape, the art of organic unity. In the color of the preparation, the auxiliary color to set off, prominent, embellishment and adapt to the material, forming dish color uniform soft, prioritize, affordable shades, Xiangyingchengqu, harmonious and pleasing to the eye. In the taste of cooperation, emphasizing aroma, highlight the main flavor, and assist the spices, the flavor flavor. In the shape of the preparation, pay attention to art, the embellishment, block brewing methods, melt carving and dishes in one, forming the harmonious and beautiful shape. The Chinese diet will color, shape, smell, taste, nourishing, keep the six into one, so that people get a visual, tactile, comprehensive enjoy the taste, is constituted by the delicious as the core, to the body for the purpose of Chinese cuisine. It chooses the material carefully, fine knife, modeling realistic, vivid colors, fight with clever, have historical status indisputable.

Beauty is a kind of taste and feeling.

The former Soviet writer Golgi once said “as nature, the people are artists, no matter where, always want beauty brought his life to go. “The French sculptor Luo Dan also once said” in our life is not lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery. “In view of this beauty is a kind of existence, a kind of objective, natural and social existence; beauty is a kind of consciousness, a kind of individual consciousness, social consciousness. Beauty is a kind of taste, beauty is a kind of feeling.

Human sentiment.

Human sentiment: no matter at that point in my life, as long as there is thinking a little or identification ability, first learn is to conquer the others thought and desire, such a person will let the people live a more confident and calm, quiet, and to do that we must understand their own do not know than to know to many. The way ahead is long; I see no ending, yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending.

The classic fashion of Beetle.

Beetle create the first one kind of car in 1935, and today more stylish and moving New Beetle models, unique circular design elements a pulse transmission memorable, and always exist as a fashion marker as the most legendary color, one of the most successful models, the global sales of over 22 million, formed its own unique culture, in Germany alone there are more than 400 Beatles fan club. New Beetle in different areas of the continuation of the classic fashion classic Beetle models as the closest public goods, while other fashion products are also superior when it opened a new space for people to aspire to the lifestyle, today is still the case.

Make the classic fragrance in fashion.

Each bottle of classic fragrance has a good story, via classical fragrance described, also highlights the personal aesthetic judgment and insight and surging undercurrent of memory. And then the classic also accompanied by the footsteps of time, and a new era of new fashion. Adding fresh fragrance raw materials and the image, the classic fragrance Legend Reborn in the new fragrance or customs. Regardless of the past or the upcoming future, to retain the unique charm and mystery of the temptation, is the essence and the style of classic fragrance lasting.